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    Default diving in november ?

    Does anyone know how the negril diving is in late november? Im worried about choppy waters and visibilty issues.

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    We've done over 3 dozen dives in Negril in November over Thanksgiving week. Visibility is prisitne, and the water hasn't been choppy at all. Last year, there were 2-3' slow rolling swells and some current, but that's nothing. The current actually led to some nice, easy drift dives. Negril is relatively protected.

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    There is the potential for choppy waters (dives being cancelled) and reduced visibilty at any time of year. Having said that - we always visit out of hurricane season as we like to dive every day and this obviously reduces the likelyhood of encountering a big storm.
    Couples provide a dive service to divers of all levels of experience and age, consequently if there is a risk of injury getting off/on the boat - then the dive boat doesn't go out.
    Ian and Vanda

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