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    Default One love bus bar crawl

    My husband and I are arriving on a Wednesday. My husband is interested in the bar crawl. We would be arriving at the airport a little before noon so I think we might be cutting it close to pick up by the time we get to the resort. We arrive on June 27th, is anyone else planning on going that day?

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    we are there during that time and it interests me. I will talk to the other couples in our group and see. If they are interested we might be able to do another night as they only need 8 people. Just a thought will post back soon.

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    I emailed them about the 27th already. I'll update with what I hear.

    My only question is, would the bar crawl be worth missing the honeymooners event?

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    He emailed me back about the bar crawl and said by next week they will probably be offering the bar crawl on Fridays also.

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    We are also going on the pub crawl the 27th!!! Sounds like its gonna be a blast!! We arrive the 24th!!

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    We received email confirmation also! There is 4 in my group!! Believe the pick us up at 200-230

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    My husband and I will be on the tour on July 4th, can't wait!!! Leaving from CSA aat 2:30... Anyone else?

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