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    Default CN Lobster Night

    Hi All!

    We are going back to CN in mid August and can't wait to relax in Bloody Bay! T minus 72 days!

    When we were there in July of 2010, Friday night was lobster night and it was fabulous. We have some friends who just got back from CN in May of this year and they said they did not have a lobster night. Not in season.

    Does anyone know if CN still has a lobster night and when it is in season?

    All of the food and drinks are awesome at CN... That was our favorite of all. We were there for 7 days and never had the same dinner twice... Although there were several that we wanted twice!

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    Lobster night is Friday and lobster season is April through June so during those months they have no lobster.

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    Yes they will have lobster night on Fridays in August (we were there August 2011), we will also be arriving on August 16th and looking forward to the lobster!!!!

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    Off-Season for lobster in Jamaica is Apr 1st - June 30th. You're cool. It's still on Fri night. Enjoy!

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    From CN's Restaurants & Bars page:

    "Friday Lobster Night: All Restaurants will serve lobster specialties, in season July 1 March 31."
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Pretty sure lobster is NOT available April through June for mating season. We've always gone during that time and missed out. This time, we're going in September so I'm really looking forward to it!

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    Lobster is in season from July til the end of March.

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    Friday night is lobster night when in season. A quick search will probably lead to the dates as well.

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    I believe the season starts July 1st and in the past at CN Lobster nite was Friday nite.

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    I believe lobster is available from July 1st to March 31st. From April to the end of June lobster can't be caught to allow for them to mate so there will continue to be lobster available for us to eat ! :-)

    Happy travels!

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    June -- u cannot get lobster but you can in July. No problem in Aug.

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    OUTSTANDING!! I shall bring my bib and hammer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hummedan View Post
    OUTSTANDING!! I shall bring my bib and hammer!
    No gamer required

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