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    Love this msg board & all the tips! First time to Couples in just 81 days!!!! Are the beds comfortable (for the sleeping part of the trip)? We went to the Dominican a couple yrs back and the beds were so hard that I couldn't sleep. Thought about packing an air raft for this trip as I'd rather not being comatose.

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    We had no trouble with the beds at CN. Slept like a baby. Even on the first night which can sometimes be a problem on a new bed.

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    The beds at CN are wonderful! We have been there 5 times and never a complaint about the beds.
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    I have a bad back and need somewhere between soft and hard. We thought the beds were very comfortable! No back problems!We were there this February/March at CN.

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    I can't remember I fell asleep all 4 trips to CN and woke up raring to go in the mornings, and I have a bad back.

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    Beds are great I had back surgery 3 years ago on two discs just before a trip there and the bed was excellent, we are returning in August and I will be having back surgery again in September( just completed epidurals to hold me thru summer) and I am not concerned about the beds what so ever, I wish I slept at home as well as I do in Jamaica!!!!!!! :}

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    Awesome beds at CN. Sleep will not be an issue.

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    The beds at CN are more comfortable than our own bed!
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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    Stayed at CN twice and never had a problem with the beds and sleeping. But then again, it could be that we didn't have any problems sleeping because of the champagne.

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    Best part of the room is the bed. Mattress is so comfortable.

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    The beds are great.. I normall toss and turn in hotel beds but I slept like a rock everynight there.

    Although I did have a lot of liquid sedative! Ah rum... Good times.

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    We sleep like babies at CN. Sooo comfortable

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    Thank you all so much!! Yes I'll leave the raft at home and save the room in the suitcase for other things!

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