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    Default Question for those who have recently returned from CSA

    This might not have been the case in the past so I am asking only those who have been to CSA recently, like in the last month or so.

    Is it true you have to be standing in line at 8am at the sports hut to get a spot on the snorkeling trips. If so, do they ever run out of spots before all the people waiting can sign up? And how good are the odds if you just show up there will be "no-shows" that you can take the spots of?

    Snorkeling is a must on our trip and if I had to be out there at 8am I will, but I didn't think it filled up that fast.
    Also I heard you have to be waiting in line at 8am by concierge to get a reservation for the restaurants. Do we have to "choose" which we want. I'm not picky about reservation times so will this not be an issue for us?

    I don't want to miss out on anything and it will help to know what I have to do to get to take advantage of all this resort offers.

    My husband and I won't be arriving until about 10:30-11:00pm on a Saturday night, so signing up for anything as soon as we check in is out of the question.

    Thank you everyone.

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    Very true! We were there 2 weeks ago and the line at Watersports formed early...maybe 7:40AM!! We were at the front of the line but I'm thinking the 11:00AM slots filled up quickly. Morning is better because afternoon showers are a threat for the afternoon trips.
    We made a our dinner reservations when we checked in, but I guess you'll have to make yours the next day. Made reservations for Feathers and Lemongrass. Tried to get back to Feathers again during the week but only 9:30 was hoo. So if you don't mind eating later you should be okay. We chose 6:30 for Lemongrass to get an outside table and see the sunset. Perfect!

    Enjoy CSA! we did, twice so far...returning to CSS this October for our third time!

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    After you have checked in go to the concierge desk and see which nights the restaurants have openings. You might be able to book Lemon Grass and Feathers right then. I would also book the catamaran cruise if possible.
    Snorkeling you book a day in advance. There is often a line up by 8:00 but I've always been able to get a spot for the next day if I'm there before 9:30 - 10:00. The morning snorkel trips do fill up faster so if you really want to snorkle in the morning I would be there when they open. You can try showing up before the boat goes out to see if there's a no-show but I wouldn't count on it. You might get a spot on the afternoon trip.

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    We just returned from CSA June 6th and can't wait to go back!!!

    I'm afraid it is true about snorkeling...we were told by several other guests that the list does fill up fast and it's best to sign up as soon as they open. Same would be true with getting spots on the beach under the "umbrellas". It seems as though guests place their towels there in the middle of the night because every single one is occupied with personal belongings by the time breakfast time rolls around!

    Reservations at Feathers and Lemongrass are also a hot commodity. They suggest to try and make reservations 3 days in advance. When checking with the concierge on a Wednesday, the next reservation available for Feathers was Friday at 6:30 and Lemongrass was Saturday. I would suggest to take a look at the activities schedule prior to making reservations to make sure you don't miss anything. Unfortunately, we missed out on having dinner on the beach during the Shipwreck Beach Party since we had reservations at Feathers.

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    Dinner reservations--no; we made ours in the afternoons.

    Water sports hut--yes; we thought it was just because so many people we up early (a lot more than is usually awake). But we were kinda shocked when we stopped by at lunchtime (like we have always done) and the guy said they were full (all time slots) to come back at 8:00. We did that the next day and got on a trip fine.

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    Yes the line at water sports ran back past Sea Grapes at 7:45 a.m. this past Thursday. We attempted to sign up for the Glass Bottom Boat and snorkeling. Kind of felt like a Black Friday sale...well by the time we were getting close everything was full. Waited around for the 8:30 a.m. Glass Bottom Boat to see if any no shows but all 16 slots were there.

    No snorkeling for us though. Think it all depends on the day of the week, group there at the time you are, etc. Spoke with somone on line in front of us and he said he walked up to Water Sports around 11:00 a.m. one day and was able to get two snorkeling trips for the following day; go figure.

    We were called later in the day and were advised they had a cancellation for the Glass Bottom Boat for Friday so were able to do that-thanked the young lady in Water Sports for getting us in on that.

    Next time we'll be sure to try to sign up for snorkeling earlier in our trip than we did this time.

    Restaurants do not have an early sign up - just go to concierge as soon as you can. We went Monday around 9:00 a.m. and were able to get Feathers for Tuesday at 7:30 and Lemongrass for Wednesday at 7:30. Great time slots for both so we lucked out there.

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    Can I book dinner reservations and stuff before I go? I don't really like the idea of getting there and not being able to go to the nicer places for 3 days of my Honeymoon.

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    Aren't you supposed to relax when you're on vacation? Do you seriously have to get up at dawn just to get an umbrella on the beach?

    Is it possible to make other reservations online before arriving?

    We will making our first trip very soon and getting so excited!

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    Thank you everyone for your honest and helpful answers. Anymore helpful advice I'd gladly take as well.

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    We had no problems getting reservations for when we wanted them. WE were there May 19th to May 24th. On Sunday I went and set up our dinner reservations for Feathers and Lemongrass. Lemongrass on Tue and Feathers on Wed. Snorkeling I stopped at the waterhut on sunday and set up snorkeling for the next day.

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    We were at CSA for our sixth trip a few months ago. It is very rare for all three snorkeling trips to book up a full day in advance. In fact, in all of our trips, we have NEVER experienced this, and we go during peak travel season. Now, they have been switching around the snorkel boats lately, and if they are using a smaller boat, I can see where that might book up. We usually stop by the watersports hut on our way to breakfast at the Palms around 9:30 and have always gotten a spot on the snorkel boat for the following day. It is true that the 11:00 snorkel trip books faster since the afternoon trips sometimes get cancelled by rough water.

    You can make your fine dining reservations for Feathers and Lemongrass up to three days in advance once you arrive (for the most part, you cannot make dinner reservations prior to arrival). Once again, we have never had a problem getting the time we want when we book three days in advance. Even a day or two ahead is usually enough to get in, you just might not get your preferred time.

    So, yes, it may require some advance planning on your part once you are there to know that you will want to eat at Feathers three days from when you book it. But in my experience, it gives us something to look forward to!

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    We were there June 1-8 and the line for water sports was long every day. We wanted to go snorkeling more than once, but never got to sign up a second time. We went on the 830 glass bottom boat and there were only 8 of us. Dinner reservations were not an issue at all.

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