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    Default How early is too early to start packing??

    I am 80 days out from our wedding and 77 days out from when we leave for CTI...and I am already thinking about starting a "packing pile" for the trip. Am I crazy? Anybody else getting antsy??

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    lol No not crazy! I bought a lot of new clothes and stuff that wasn't going to wear before so I did throw it in a suitcase maybe a month or so before. The worst part is the WAIT!! It will fly by!! My wedding was 2 weeks ago at CTI. It was AMAZING. Happy planning!

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    Heh, I don't know about packing, but I'm already browsing beach cover-ups for the wife for our trip in 350 days! I'll usually find one or two, then e-mail the links to her, and she'll give her opinion. So far, most of the ones I pick out, she likes...

    As for packing, when we went last year, we started packing about a week or so in advance, and had a "pack list" worked up almost a month in advance so we knew which bag to pack our "can't let the airline lose" stuff (contact supplies mostly,) and our "we can manage without this" bag.

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    I have 32 days to go and I have started to pack some of the wedding things but no clothes yet. I will probably do that a week or so before so they don't get too wrinkly.
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