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    Default Wedding rings?

    Is it safe to bring your rings to Jamaica, or should I bring a knock-off? They are insured and aren't anything crazy expensive, but I have had friends warn me not to bring them. Personally, I have traveled throughout the Caribbean and wouldn't think it's an issue, but thought I'd check in with other folks.

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    I'm bringing ours. Like you said, they are insured!
    Becky & Dave
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    CN July 2012

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    I'm bringing will stay on my hand. Enough said.

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    I left my engagement ring in the safe during the say so the sand and saltwater wouldnt bother it and so it wouldn't get loose and fall off. I did the same with the wedding rings once we got married there.

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    I took mine off before going to the beach. With the sunscreen and water I don't want to loose it. I didn't worry any other time.

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    I would just be afraid I'd lose mine in the ocean! We're bringing our rings for our ceremony but will keep them in the safe the rest of the time.

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    We brought ours. Kept them in the safe until we were married. The weather is so warm so they stayed kind of snug. We had no worries of losing them in the ocean.

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    Cool, thanks for the replies! I was already leaning towards bringing them, and this cinches it My engagement ring is pretty snug so I am not worried about it coming off. My fiance is another story since he loses his may just end up in the safe most of the time!

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    I only wore my ring to/from the resort, to dinner and obviously all day after we were married My husband only wore his to dinner as well. The rest of the time we kept ours in the safe. We weren't concerned about the "safety" factor. My ring is snug, but just the thought of somehow it coming off in the ocean was enough for me to keep it in the safe

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