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    Default guys attire for dinner at CSA.....

    What do they have to wear? Are they really strict? Are pants and dress shoes mandatory??? My Fiance is trying to decide what to pack and we dont want to being anything unnecessary. Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    If you want to eat at Feathers, then yes you need pants and dress shoes. When we were just there, lemongrass is not as strict as we seen guys in flip flops, tennis shoes, jeans and shorts! I don't agree with that since I do like to look nice and dressed up for dinners, plus we were following the rules on there dress codes . Palms and Patios he can wear nice shorts and a nice shirt and sandals. Have fun and enjoy your time, because it does go by way to fast.

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    Look under the restaurant tab for CSA, there are sample menus and dress "code" requirements. Really pretty relaxed. Leave your cut-offs at home. Don't wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts to dinner. Breakfast and lunch are very relaxed, swim suits and cover ups are a go, as are sandals or flip flops (don't go bare foot to the restaurants that are under roof. Long pants, closed toe shoes (no athletic shoes) and collared shirt are required for dinner only at Feathers. Other restaurants are cool with nice shorts, polo shirts (or even a nice fresh tee), sandals or athletic shoes. Don't pack too many dress clothes, this is a common mistake for most first timers. You will spend all day in your swim suit, evening is the only time you will be dressed in regular clothes. Relax, it's all good. Do a message board search for "dress code CSA" and "packing list" for more information on what to pack than you probably want to read.

    Have a great trip!

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    Only at the gourmet/fancy restaurant are men required to wear long pants, a collared shirt and closed toe shoes. Not dress shoes or dress slacks. All the other restaurants are very casual where you can wear shorts, nice t shirts and sandals

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    If you want to eat at Feathers which is the fine dining restaurant then yes.

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    Pants, shoes & dress shirt for Feathers, dress shorts, collard shirts & closed toed sandals for Lemongrass, Palms, & Patois. T shirts, flip flops, tanks, & swimwear are not appropraite for dinner anywhere, lunch is fine, but not diner. Some people try & bend the rules but it only cheapens the resort, & they don't always get away with it. It says at the top of every menue, "casual elegance required". Nice tropical shirts & dress shorts are the most popular.

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    The strictest dress code is still casual. Long pants (but not jeans), a collared shirt (a Hawaiian shirt or polo shirt are okay), and closed shoes (even something as casual as Sperry top-siders/boat shoes are appropriate) comply with the dress code.
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