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    My husband Jeff, best friends Jonanthan, Jessica and I (Tiffany) are taking our first trip to Couples Negril June 16-23. Tips??? What is the weather like during that time? Things we MUST do?? Thanks!

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    you must relax and have fun. do what you want when you want and enjoy everything.

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    Thanks! I am looking forward to reading my kindle and raising my flag every 5 mins for a drink! I am looking forward to being called "Tiffany" instead of "Mommy"!

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    We will see you there! My husband and I arrive on the 21st and we have 11 other couples coming in and out that week as my sister is getting married on the beach on the 23rd. Be sure to say hello as we will be the group of people from Iowa at the resort. This will be our third time to Couples and you will LOVE it. Just remember to order a Miami Vice cocktail, a Bob Marley shot and don't miss the piano bar!
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    We will look for you! Thanks for the tips on the drinks!

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    Agreed - relax and see where the day takes you.

    I'm a big planner but I found I had to loosen up the reigns a bit on that. Once you get there, you will see what I mean We just returned and the weather was nice. Sunny but with clouds rolling in & out throughout the day. Our last day was the cloudiest but still warm of course. Upper 80s, lots of humidity. I just did a trip review for CN, look out for it to post

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    I've also got my first trip coming up soon so I've been checking out as many "1st trip" threads as I can find to get some useful pointers :-) I've heard about this Bob Marley shot that TheDarlings mentioned above. It sounds legendary! I think I'll definitely try that, but perhaps after eating a good meal!

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    Order room service breakfast in the morning as your wake-up call so you can have breakfast on the patio...then go down to the buffet for "second breakfast" if you are still hungry. There will be door hangers in your room to fill out with your breakfast order and time. Breakfasts on the patio are some of my favorite Couples memories.

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    Tiffany. You will not be mommy or Tiffany. You will be called My lady and completely taken care of. It is !!!

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