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    Default As Morgan Heritage says.....

    I'm coming Home! You wouldn't think with this being our 12th trip to CSA that we would still be this excited but we are. There is something amazing and special about this island and that strip of land where Swept Away sits. Is it charmed by Island Gods..... I feel kinda special knowing what's to come and just how great it is. I can't wait to say something in Patios to the customs agents and have them smile a knowing smile thinking "Hey they get it". I know that the seat I want on the shuttle is the one up front with the seat in the house. I love to say things like "Remember when it was only the original section of the resort", or "Wow, look at how much the vegetation has grown since they built the Great House", or "I miss the Piano Bar being upstairs in The Palms". The hugs and 'Welcome Homes" from many that we've known for almost all those visits or so sweet.....when they hug it's that grab hold and squeeze tight kinda hug! Ya know ...the kind that is a true hug one that comes from the heart. I can't wait for the things that get me the most! Once you go you'll know what gets you and it'll pull you back time and again. Just you wait and see.... I don't need a second house that I have to maintain or a time share to pay a monthy fee too. I know that my place in Jamaica is being taken care of on seven mile beach and that I share it with so many when I'm not using it. It's always perfect and better than when I left it. Now it's my turn "I'm coming Home".

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    Nice thoughts.
    Welcome home, see you at the beach!

    D & C

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    I feel the same about upcoming 6th trip to CTI. For some reason more so this time than the past visits. I feel like it's the first time except that I know what to look forward to!

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    Welcome home Rrrrrrrrr!!!

    Six years ago it was your photos and comments that steered us to CSA. We too fell in love with the island and the Jamaican people. Two days into that first trip I told my wife that I don't know how we will do it, but we are coming back every year. Trip # 12 is booked for March 2013. My count down timer says only 265 more days.

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    So very happy to see you again Rrrrrrr. enjoy your trip home.

    it's all about the kids

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