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    Default Couples Resorts Goes Cashless for incidentals

    Greetings to all:

    I have deleted my previous thread on this topic which contained inaccurate information.

    Here is the correct information: During the course of your stay you will not be able to pay cash for any incidental purchases however (and this is the correct part), you will be able to settle your account upon checkout by paying cash, travelers check or credit card.

    I sincerely apologize if the original information raised anyone's blood pressure.

    Couples Resorts

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    Thanks for the clarification!!! I like to charge everything to our room and settle up at the end with cash.

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    Default Still Wondering

    I love this MB for the abundance of information. Still I wonder upon arrival are you required to give a credit card or can you leave a cash deposit. Does anyone know?

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    Thank you for clearing that up, Randymon - good to know!

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    Whew! Thanks Randy!

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    Hey Randymon - What about when you want to trading spaces but don't want to take a credit card? Is there a way to have your purchase at CTI be transferred to your bill at CSS? We had this happen to us last month. Took cash to CTI for the day, tried to buy a hat, and it took 45 minutes for us to pay for it at the main lobby desk. Frustrating. We just don't like to carry around the card if we don't have to. Would much rather lose a little cash than a credit card with a large limit!

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    what about the ser-charge for all that charge items. With the credits for the spa and gift shop maybe there won't be cash exchanged too much?

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    Firefly - the FAQ's say that you can leave a $250 cash deposit or you can give them a cc where they will put a $250 hold on your account.

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    On one hand I think this is a great idea, on the other it has some flaws.
    Not being able to pay cash when you do trading places would incur having to take a credit card, as well as require paying those awful "international transaction fees" that most credit card companys are charging, or as Bilkat stated, waiting 45 minutes to settle the purchase at the main lobby desk. If the resorts are going "cashless", there has to be a system in place to address these issues.
    I also only allow myself a set amount of "mad money" for vacation. Paying for items as I go, helps me keep track of my spending. It's too easy to spend more when you are just signing for it.
    CTI/April Amigos

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    that is better. I hate to spend more of the vacation money on ser-charges. I would rather spend it on good stuff such as more vacations at couples.

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    Firstimers.....What is it exactly that we will be needing cash for?

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    i like using cards anyway so it works well for me. can we see a couples credit card in the future? i would get one as soon as available. (visa, mastercard or discovery)



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    Does this have any impact on the beach vendors that are allowed to set up on the resort or only resources that are directly controled by the resorts?

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    Please excuse me for asking probably a dumb question. Could some one give me a brief description or definition of "incidental purchases"?

    I assume this means the items and services available at the resorts as extra cost items. Messages, gift shop purchases, photos, those sorts of things. It appears that the new policy simply eliminates the cash transaction taking place at the time and place of service or purchase and diverts it to a part of the check out process. Correct? I also assume that this does not affect transactions with the independent operators like para-sailing, jet skis and so on.

    If I have exposed my ignorance, please forgive. I don't get out much.

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