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    Default Room Category Choice -- CSS

    Hi there,
    Just a couples questions and concerns about room categories at CSS. My hubby and I are excited about having booked CSS (have been to CSA and CTI before) for March. After much debate, we finally booked a one bedroom ocean suite. We were going back and forth between the beachfront suites due to the stairs issue. I have had knee surgery many years ago, and my knee is fine now, but I try to avoid lots of stairs. I know we don't go back and forth to our room once we're down at the beach/pool, etc, so we booked the one bedroom ocean suite mainly for the locations/view and the larg(er) balcony. I wondered though:
    * it seems like most people, on other similar questions about room categories, with the one bedroom ocean suites have got the G Block -- I know the views are great there but I'm not sure about all of the stairs
    * it seems to me that the D and E blocks, more in the middle of the resort, would be smart for me to try to request; are there one bedroom ocean suites in these blocks and, I've heard some people say the balconies are NoT the larger ones there. Can anyone comment about the one bedroom ocean suite in the D and E block and how you liked them?

    To muddy the waters, we've locked at the penthouse suites and saw how impressive they look. How many flights of stairs are you walking to get up to the penthouse suites and is it worth it? Are they in all the blocks? Any comments about those rooms.

    I know I'm somewhat confused now but some answers, especially about the one bedrooom oceans would help. I know the benefit to the beachfront suites in "location". Thanks in advance for any comments.
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    We just returned from our first visit to CSS and stayed in a Penthouse Suite (the Harry Belafonte Suite, D-27) in the Dahlia Building. There were A LOT of stairs. You had to take stairs up to get to the lobby, gift shop, balloon bar, original pool, and Casanova Restaurant and take steps down to get to the beach/main pool, Bella Vista Restaurant, Palazzina Restaurant, mineral pool, spa, and gym. There was also a steep set of stairs leading solely up to our room.

    We thought that CSS was absolutely beautiful but, again, thought that there were A LOT of steps. My sister and her husband stayed in a Beachfront Jacuzzi suite. Although our balcony was much larger and the four of us played cards there a couple of times, we all agreed that, if we decide to return to CSS, we would likely choose the Beachfront Jacuzzi Suite.

    Even though my husband and I both work out daily, after a long day in the sun, we found the final climb up to our room to be laborious. I think that the climb would be taxing for someone who is sedentary or has knee problems.
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    Keep what you have. If you don't want to walk the steps just call the resort bus at ext. #6010 from any room or house phone and they will take you anywhere on the property you want and they are prompt. Request building E for the least amount of steps G for the best view. The beachfront suites are loved by many because of the location BUT I LOVE the huge rooms and balconies of the one bedroom ocean rooms 2x bigger than the beachfront.
    Shari & James
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    Default CSS Best Rooms

    E Block has the one bedroom suite with 2 baths and very large balconys that are supplied with a sitting area with table and 2 lounge chairs almost the length of your room. The views are spectacular! You should request E8 it's up 3 stairs on the end away from the lounge that has music at night, yet close to everything. We are going to Negril this year and I just hope it's as wonderful as CSS. Hope this helps with room selection. P.S. The parrot is right out the bedroom window.

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    We just booked a Penthouse Suite at CSS. I hope we don't regret doing this after all of the posts I have seen about "ALL the stairs". Please tell me we are doing the right thing?
    Kevin & Tammy
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    Have never stayed in the D or E block. Both times to CSS stayed in G. The nice thing about that block, other than the view, is that there's an elevator right in front of that building that takes you down near the mineral pool. From that point there's only 2 sets of stairs, 1 up (passes right by D block)and 1 down, to get to the main beach. I've had a knee surgery long ago for a meniscus tear and live with an ACL tear and had no problems. We're going back in April 2010 and will be staying in a Beachfront Suite in B block just to try out the other end of the resort. Sorry if I didn't answer all your questions but hope this helps.

    Enjoy your visit to CSS,

    Bart & Bug
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    We stayed in the Penthouse Suite E-12 back in May. The room was nice, great ocean view, close to the front desk and mineral pool and spa, but was a bit of a walk to the beach. Had it not been for the scenery where you noticed something new each time we would have tire of all the stairs quickly. We will try the beachfront suites when we return next spring. Hope that helps?!

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    Default Room choice

    Sooooo .. after reading and thinking, we're going to stay with the one bedroom ocean suite. It seems that some seem to think the beachfront jacuzzis are the 'best' due to location, but it seems to me that there's quite a bit at the 'top' too, therefore the stairs or the shuttle. I could still change my mind but it seems that a onebedroom ocean suite look big and beautiful. I may try to request the D or E block. Is the D block the one that overlooks the fitness area sort of? I've only been there once. Is the E block the one that's closer to the lobby area? Although we are at the highest romance rewards category, I'm not looking to be 'upgraded' to a penthouse suite (decided the extra stairs would not be worth the view for me). I just hope we get one of the rooms with the larger balconies I've heard so much about. Does anyone have any comments to make to help me complete my decision on a one bedroom ocean, preferably n the D or E block? Thanks for the information so far provided, and any extra I might hear about.
    windsorgirl (christine)

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    I believe the one bedroom ocean in the D block have smaller balconies, but are the closest to the beach. We had one in December, just at the top of the stairs. D block is located right at the top of the first set of stairs, with the landing/hammock. If you look out over the landing at one side you can see the beach, if you look staight out you can see the ocean, then the other side has the stairs to leading towards Charlie's, and the spa area. We liked the location, and hope this year we get the same building. Only this year we went with the ocean view. Decided we didn't need the sitting area because we never really used it. Am hoping for a larger balcony this time.

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    We stayed in a 1 bdrm w/balcony last trip in Bldg G, and this trip we agonized over the same thing you are for the same reasons you are, and we have been there and have seen the inside of the different room categories..........

    I have some knee issues although I have never had surgery, and when we booked I went with the 1 bdrm w/balcony, we decided we could NOT give up the balcony or the size of the room AND we felt we really experienced more of the resort and what CSS had to offer by being up the cliff, stopping at the Balloon Bar each night on our way up, checking our email, slipping down to the hot tub by the mineral pool at night, things like that which we would more than likely not do if we were down on the Beachfront. So considering all those things, we are pretty happy with our decision, I think you will be too.

    Like Shari said, you always have the bus...........

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    Contact Sharie and explain any limitations. We are penthouse in D block as it is supposed to be most central.

    Now wehn you book a penhouse you have to expect elevation (Part of the definition of penthouse) but I dont think it will be too bad.

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    There are probably 40-50 stairs up from the main beach to the landing at the ground level of D. There are 3-4 steps up to the D building, then the penthouse would be 2 flights of stairs up from there.

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    Here's my take on things: No matter where you stay, you're going to have to walk to get somewhere. It's basically up to you how often you climb a bunch of stairs. There is almost always a minimal-stair option to get from Point A to Point B, but the minimal-step option will usually require either a longer, sloped walk or a van ride (or an elevator) or a combination.

    The beachfront jacuzzi suites are very convenient, and I definitely see the appeal, but I'd personally rather have the privacy (and nostalgia) of staying in the older bit. Because I'm always hopelessly unprepared, I bought a small-ish zippered tote at the gift shop, in which I keep a book or two, crossword puzzles, pens, an extra pair of contacts, suntan lotion, a map/schedule and a sunglass case. This GREATLY minimizes the times I have to go back for something, and since I've gotten it down to only about once a day that I flake, I can usually talk hubby into going back for me.

    I guess my point is yes, there are a number of steps, but I choose to look at it as a positive rather than a negative, with a little planning. The addition of elevation adds (literally) another dimension to the resort.

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    Thanks for the positive outlook on this. I need to look at booking the penthouse as a positive thing. We have never stayed in a penthouse before, and I do want to see all of the resort. I'm afraid we would never see the rest of the resort if we stayed in the Beachfront Suites. So we have to walk a bit, it's good exercise. If we take things with us for the day that we will need, then it should be no problem mon.
    Kevin & Tammy
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    42 steps puts into the d block last time i was beach front and dreaded the steps after awhile. The d block sort of puts you in the middle.

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