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    How many of you have done a couple different ones near Negril?
    We are staying at Swept Away the first week in Sept. and want to book with a company.
    But would like to see which one everybody likes best. Considerations would be best bang for the buck, along with safety and spectacular views? One member (me) has a slight problem with heights. Although, I think riding through the air won't bother me. I just don't like standing on something high in the air and looking down. Anyone, have the same problem

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    Hasn't anyone done ziplining near Negril??

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    My wife and I are coming to CSA at the end of July and are also interested in a canopy tour. I also have the same problem as you do...I can fly in airplanes, skydive, bungee jump, and ride zip lines, but I get nervous when standing on a platform high in the air. Weird, isn't it? We are definitely interested so if you find some good info, please forward it to me! My email is

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    We did the Chukka Jungle Canopy zipline tour from the Montpelier Outpost in November. It was awesome and seemed to be the best value of the offerings. You can book it right at the resort. It was well worth it and we got back at a reasonable time.

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    Oh ok, a friend of a friend also suggested that one. It's near Montego Bay, correct? Do you know where I can watch some video of that one? I was thinking of taking the one at YS Falls because that way we would also get to take in the falls while there. But thinking that is a sideline thing there.

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    The one at YS, is just that, one traverse. Not a reason to go there, but just something to do while at the falls. The Chukka Jungle Outpost zipline is actually why go there and is much more extensive, 9 traverses. I can email you some video if you send me your email address. Send it to That's my throw-away account that I don't mind posting publicly. There are also videos on .

    Here is my earlier post after we did the tour in November:

    "We just did the Chukka Jungle Canopy Tour last Sunday. It is actually in Montpelier, which is about 20 mins south into the countryside from Hopewell, which is one of the first towns west of MoBay. The van picked us up at 8:45a, and we made stops at 3 other resorts to pick people up on the way, and the driver was a very informative tour guide that occcasionally slowed down to tell a story and let people take pics. The total trip there took about 1hr 30mins with the stops. When we got there, we had a quick bathroom break and they quickly suited us up, gave us instructions and then we went on a couple hundred yard hike to get to the first traverse. In all, there are 9 traverses, with the longest being a quarter-mile (you get up to 35 mph on that one). The tour is through the jungle with a couple crosses over the river. The tour itself took about 2 hours, with the hike up and a short nature hike on the way back. Then you have about an hour or so to unwind at the lodge, and grab a few Red Stripes and some food if you like. They also have a nice gift shop and some professional pictures, if you choose to purchase. The drive back was much quicker, maybe an hour or so, because the driver didn't slow down as much for people to take pics of historical landmarks along the way. It was $100pp and that included the transportation and tour itself. We got back to CN by 3:15p or so. It is possible to make the trip a little longer, if you add on the optional river kayak or tubing, but it was plenty long without. As for weight, I'm 6'2", 215lbs and there was a guy that was about 6' 5", 245lbs, and neither of us had any problems. As for safety, the gear is all up-to-date, and the tour guys have a minimum of 200 hours training each, and there are 2 guides per group of about 8 people. Very safe and user friendly. For each traverse, you are actually riding on 2 lines."

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