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    Default CSA Repeater considering Tower Isle

    So here's the deal, my husband and I are huge fans of Swept Away, however we want to travel in late January/early February 2010 and the prices to Tower Isle are a little more in our range. Has anyone been to both and if so can you offer comparisons / opinions? Please and many thanks. Sharon
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    one has an incredible long walkable beach the other doesnt
    one has an island you can get nekkid the other doesnt
    one is in negril the other isnt
    one is tropical and rustic the other more modern
    one has a couch in the lobby the other doesnt
    one used to have love locks and chains to display undieing love the other doesnt
    one has tower time the other doesnt
    one has a private albeit small beach the other doesnt
    one offer horseback riding the other doesnt
    hope that helps

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    Default CTI vs. CSA

    We have been to both and love them equally. They are both so different that is hard to love one over the other. We love CTI for their amazing staff. Because CTI is smaller, it feels like a more personable experience. It is very quaint and feels more like home. It is nice not to have to walk forever like you do at CSA to go to a restaurant. CTI is very compact. The food at CTI is amazing, just like CSA. You may miss the big beach and swimming area. CTI is much smaller. CTI is a private beach, which we love. I think that is part of the reason it feels more like home. You won't regret it. We look forward to going to all 4 someday!!

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    Default CSA vs. CTI

    We haven't been to CSA, will be going this April, but went to CTI this past April. Friends of ours have been to CSA and CSS but not CTI and were thinking of going there also. I showed them pictures and they decided that CTI was not for them...small beach and high-rise resort compared to larger, spread out resort with a long beach. I guess it all depends on what you're looking for in a resort. The staff at CTI were top-notch and made for a great stay! Our favorite is still CSS. Here's a link to some pictures we took at CTI to help you with your decision:

    Bart & Bug

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    Hi Sharon,
    I'm a fellow CSA lover.My first Couples trip was to CTI(COR at the time)and CTI has a totally different feel than CSA. COR has more of a "private club" atmosphere, where as CSA is what I think of when I think laid back tropical beach vacation. The food at COR was great, the staff was awesome and I loved my ocean view room in the main building. The downside for me was I felt "confined" on the property,(I'm one of those people that loves to get out on foot and explore off the resort a bit, or least have the option to), and of course you know the beach and water are not the same as in Negril.If your looking to try a different Couples experience than CSA I say go for it. I've been to all 4 of the Couples Resort and I'd say CSA and CTI are the 2 that are most unlike. Or if you're able to go for at least 10 days do what we've done. Start at COR and then end your vacation at CSA. We're doing that with CSS for the second time this December. I'd also like to get back to CTI, but for me it will always have to be as a split with CSA.

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    I can understand your trepidation with thinking about another resort. We have trip number four to CSA booked. I always think maybe we should try another one, but we love CSA so much that I am afraid I would be disappointed.

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    I love CSA, I think I was born there in another life----that said I have gone to CN, not a favorite, but I would go back. Now on to CSS, being the beach lover that I am I knew there might be some problems, well lo and behold even if the beach was not up to CSA standards, the service, beauty of the grounds and overall atmosphere blew me away! So now we are awaiting our trip to TI. I have been told the service is the best of all 4--the food is great and the renovation is to die for. Can't wait for that 4 for 4 title!

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    Default Cti/csa

    We went to CSA twice (for our honeymoon and then the following year). We just came back a month ago from a Secret Rendezvous, and we got CTI. We knew in advance it would not have the beach that Negril has to offer, but we went looking to love another couples resort -- and we did!! The staff at CTI that people rave about are truly awesome. It is a little more 'hotel-like', but not 'highrise', as a previous comment. Three floors, just as CSA in the new(er) area. The food is awesome -- Ulysses, the omelette maker, is not to be missed. It's "First Class", as Ulysses would say. There are quite a few trip inclusions. We are now going to CSS. Although we loved CSA, as another poster said, we love Couples and want to see the uniqueness of each. Enjoy -- I'm sure you'll have an awesome time, starting as soon as Kirk and Everald greet you stepping off the bus.
    CSA (07,08)
    CTI (09)
    CSS (10)

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    Default Well we've booked 10 days at CTI after all

    We did it, we booked CTI for 10 days in February 2010. Although CSA is my first love, we did find that the crowd is getting younger and rowdier at CSA. CTI might just be the quiet and relaxing get-away that we truly need. We have decided not to go to CTI expecting it to be CSA because each Couples Resort is special and unique in its' own way. I do love 7 mile beach, but I think I will also like the privacy of CTI's beach because it won't be so busy. At CSA you have all kinds of non-Couples people walking through, whereas CTI is very private. Either way, Couples Resorts are top notch so I just know we won't be disappointed. I think we will eventually try them all and then decide from there which one is most suitable to us.

    Thank you to everyone that responded to my original post. Just another reason I love Couples so much, the repeaters are so loyal and wonderful. It's like being part of a family.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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