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    Default Bring your wedding rings?

    We are getting married at CTI and I was wondering if it's safe to bring our wedding rings? I am not worried about while we are at the resort, but what about going off resort in Negril and Ocho Rios?

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    We do not bring our real rings and this has nothing to do with the island or the resort. We just prefer to travel with our alternate rings no matter where we head when it is out of the USA.

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    My husband and I married at CTI and brought our real rings. We read a lot about this before going, and I'm very glad to had our real wedding jewelry.
    Just be conscious of them, like you always are. If you have any doubts, put them in your room safe before you go out.
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    You are more likely to lose them because of oil and salt water than safety issues. Last year upon arrival to CTI, Byron gave me a cold towel to freshen up. Little did I know that while I was using it on my hands that my ring (ring my husband had created for me) came off my finger. Fortunately, it was found in a wash cloth and turned into the front desk while I was standing there. It went into the safe for the remainder of our visit. My jewelry has always been safe locked in the safe when we have gone off resort. That is our preference.

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    we took them but didn't wear them during the day. at night we did, seems like the best way to do it for us

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    I've been wearing my ring for 26 years including two trips to Couples. What is the issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DayBob View Post
    I've been wearing my ring for 26 years including two trips to Couples. What is the issue?
    ita...i feel naked otherwise!

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    For years I never wore my good jewelry when I traveled. Then one trip I decided why not and did.

    I take my jewelry off when I sleep, swim and work out. I had my solitaire and a pair of diamond studs stolen out of a locked safe (key lock) when I was out for a run, along with a pair of Oakleys that were laying out. The owners of the inn argued it was not possible and I had to insist they call the police.

    They called the police, and the police agreed it was "impossible" and refused to file a police report, which meant my insurance company would not cover the loss, despite my rider.

    I have never been able to afford to replace them and regret the decision to bring them to this day. Now I have my travel rings and jewelry that I wear and the rest are left safely at home.

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    We always take our real rings. They stay in the safe over night and during the day. We wear them only in the evenings for supper and entertainment. We do not wear them off the resort, except on the rides to and from the airport.
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    Our iPad was stolen from our room at Couples Swept Away so I would definitely not suggest bringing valuables like your rings

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    Unfortunately, I don't think I could even get my ring off! (Married 24 years, and a few pounds later). But I was confused as to whether you were asking due to security/safety or US/Jamaica Customs?

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    I have worn mine every trip. In December my wife gave me a new Titanium ring to replace my old beat up ring. But Last January (the day we were leaving) while I was on the island (CTI), I lost it somewhere around the pool. I think it fell off and fell between the decking. The staff helped look for it for about 45 minutes. But we couldn't find it.
    Never felt unsafe wearing mine around town or the resort. I'd say keep it in the room, if you plan on swimming or having tanning oil on your hands.

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    We'll be at CSA for our honeymoon in September and have opted to NOT bring my engagement ring. We'll get some cubic ones for travel. Although I have insurance, my ring is very sentimental because it's the stone that my father gave to my mother for their 25th anniversary a few months before he passed away. I would be pretty devastated if something happened to it. I'm sure it's safe at Couples, but I wouldn't leave a stack of thousands of dollars in the safe, so why would I leave my ring in there?

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    was your ipad in the safe? we are coming in June and have never had problems, we just put everything in the safe while we are out. Sorry about your Ipad, that stinks!

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    We bring fake rings due to all the lotion, ocean, excursions, etc - I would hate to lose my ring, even in paradise. And I would feel naked without something on my finger.

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    I do not have an issue with having our wedding rings at the resort but I did learn a valuable lesson returning from our honeymoon in the Atlanta customs area two years ago. They tell you to remove ALL jewelry, so I took my wedding rings off along with the rest of my jewelry to go through security (mistake). When I had gone through security I got my purse out of the bin and was going to get my rings next. The security officer grabbed the bin and started to turn it over to put it back in the stack. My wedding rings were still in the bin! I grabbed it quickly and told her that my rings were still in there. Had another split second gone by my rings would have gone flying across the ATL security area! Lesson learned is that I do not have to remove my wedding rings to go through the security check point!

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    I don't often take my engagement ring off (unless I am cleaning, which I definitely don't plan to do while we are on vacation!) and leave it on at the beach/pool/lake/river, etc. It's pretty snug so I'm not worried about it falling off. So since I don't plan on leaving it in the safe, it sounds like I will be fine. Thanks all!

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    I've never had anything go missing from our room, but the first time we visited CTI we were playing volleyball in the pool and my ring flew off! After about an hour of searching with the help of some very nice guests, someone finally found it - in the trees next to the pool.

    Needless to say, I don't wear my rings on vacation anymore I've also heard horror stories about snorkeling trips.... If you could bring a metal detector underwater to the reef, I think you'd be RICH!

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    We have simple bands we bought for each other at James Avery that we wear on most vacations, not just to Couples. We have never had anything happen to our things in the room. Our laptop would not fit in the safe so it was left out our entire stay without issue both time we have gone.

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