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    Default SOOOOOOO Excited!

    12 DAYS! In 12 days we will be headed on our way to CTI and Jamaica for the first time! I am thinking I might just go ahead and do my preregistration, and possibly even start packing! So excited! I am really looking forward to seeing that beautiful blue water for the first time, and get a much needed break from my beautiful, yet busy, frustrating and exhausting, four young children! Good luck to my mother and sister in law while I am gone! Thank heavens for close family who are willing to help us out! See ya soon Jamaica!

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    35 more days for us til we are at CSS!! We are also very excited and anxious!!!!

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    You are going to have the time of your life. Enjoy every second and do not feel guilty. Just enjoy! Post when you get back.

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    were leaving June 24 for a week,keep reading mess. board.....hoping as fun as all say..has us so pumped,hopefully no let downs.....going to C.S.S.

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    Ill be there on SUNDAY!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!

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    Six days until we go home to CN!!!!!!!!! YEAH MON!!!!!!

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    Phishface, sounds like we will be there at the same time, assuming you are going to CTI that is!

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    I am at the airport waiting for my flight.......yeah Jamaica!

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    T-minus 22 hours!!!! Can't wait!! soooooo excited!!

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