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    My husband and I will be vistng CSS for the first time in April and we are wondering how the beds are. Comfort is different for each person but overall how are they? I'm hearing some ppl love them and other say they are lumpy and old. Thanks for your input!

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    We were at CSS in Jan and going back in 2 weeks...LOVED the beds ! Not lumpy and old...VERY comfortable...

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    We stayed there last October and didn't find the bed to be uncomfortable in our room. It was firm, but not lumpy at all. As you say, comfort is a personal choice, but once you have had a day of sun, fresh air, activities, and copious amounts of amazing food and booze, sleeping on a pile of rocks would also feel comfortable!!!

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    Ours was very firm. Next time I'm bring our memory foam topper.

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    Hi Crystal!
    My hubby and I have been to CSS 4 times, our 5th trip is coming up in July, and we have never had a single complaint about the beds. The mattresses are FIRM, but wonderfully comforting after a long day of sipping cocktails in the sun and doing absolutely NOTHING!!!!

    Have a great trip!

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    Did they get new mattresses with the soft re-furb?
    In Feb 2011 were on the soft side and worn out/uneven.

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