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    Default Dietary needs at CSA - question

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie here on these boards and after reading all the threads, I figured this was the best place to ask my question.

    My fiance and I considering CSA for our honeymoon and we were pretty much set and ready to head over to our travel agent and book, until I encountered one minor setback, the food. Well, specifically, food allergies. I'm someone who has a good amount of food allergies and after looking at the sample menus of the restaurants on the resort, I realized I cannot eat most of the food served at CSA. I don't eat spicy food, or spiced food in general unless it's spiced with simply salt and pepper, garlic... basic spices. I pretty much eat American fare, Italian, French, Chinese and Mexican.

    My question is, would the chefs on the resort be able to cater to my dietary needs in terms of me asking them to cooking something that isn't on any of the menus on a daily basis?

    Thanks and I look forward to reading your responses if any.


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    I think you'll be alright for the most part. The Palms is a large buffet-style restaurant with a TON of options. You will easily be able to find something there that will work with your food allergies. Also a lot of the stuff available at Patios doesn't have a lot of spice to it. The SeaGrapes cafe is a lot of "healthier" fare, not a lot of spice to it either.

    I would watch out for the beach party night though. A lot of Jerk Chicken/Shrimp, etc.

    The sample menus are just that... samples. The menus actually change quite a bit while you're there. And since everything is delicious, I'm positive you'll find something there every day that you can eat without issues. Trust me on that one. And I know that if you have special requests, they will do their best to honor them for you. Truly world class service...

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