My wife and I spent our honeymoon at CN two years ago and LOVED it. It was near perfect. Now, two years later we planning vacation for 2013. We typically like to try out new destinations, however after scouring the Caribbean for a better destination, we're BACK to Negril. Before I get to the questions, let me first say that YES, I looked at every CN vs CSA thread that I can find.

On the return trip, we're bringing a few couples from our neighborhood with us, and we are thinking about trying out CSA. We are all in our late twenties/early thirties, and all enjoy "nightlife". While the nightlife at CN wasn't as "lively" as I would have liked, I do realize that with the friends we are bringing this time that could be different.

The main thing that makes me lean towards CSA is being able to walk down Long Bay and checking out the local bars and shops along the beach. While on the honeymoon CN was perfect because we didn't have any desire to leave the resort, however with a few other couples we will all want to get out more and explore. I also think that trying out CSA would help with my apprehensions of going back to the same place twice.

Question one: We stayed in the PERFECT, 3rd floor Beachfront Suite at CN right next to the pool. We loved the location and the view, and also the hammock on the balcony. My main concern is the view. With no budget restrictions in mind, which room would be comparable at CSA? I've looked at the Great Hall Jacuzzi Suites, but also read that a couple have not so welcome views of an ally way. And you can't requests rooms anymore, correct? Also keep in mind that I do love having a TV in the room to keep up with the news while the wife is getting ready.

Question two: Is my head generally in the right place thinking that CSA would be a better choice for a few young adventurous couples? Am I missing anything?

Thank you in advance for any help and advice. Like you all know, it's tough to make a switch to something new when you had such an amazing experience.