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    Default Rum Cream, the airport, and the grocery store oh my?!

    We will be back in Jamaica at CTI & CSS in about a month and we take home as much rum cream as we can fit into our checked baggage. I was wondering what the price for rum cream is right now at Mo Bay airport and if you can get all of the flavors there ( banana and coconut)? We heard through the board that there was only one liquor store open, cannot get all the flavors or even plain sometimes, and prices have gone way up.

    We also wondered if anyone has been to General Foods in Ochi to shop for spices, rum cream, rum cake, ( my kids favorite) and coffee? If so how'd you get there, how much for a taxi or did you use public taxi's and what were the prices of rum cream and cakes? Thanks for your help.

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    The airport was very limited on Rum cream flavors last month. No banana and coconut. There are many more out in Ochi. Don't take a taxi from the resort. Go out the front gate and you can get one for 1/10 the price. I was waiting for a friend there and had 3 stop within minutes. I have traveled all over Jamaica in a taxi. For the longest time with a $10,000 Rolex on my arm and have NEVER had a problem.

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    I just returned from CSA and waited to get to the airport to buy my Rum Cream, unfortunately as its been said in other threads, Sunshine Liquor is the only store open at this time, as the other two are under construction. So, the Rum Cream is slim pickings, they only had the Coffee flavored in the Sangster Brand (my preffered brand) and they had some regular flavored in the other brands but no Banana or Coconut, which of course is what I wanted! Since, I've never tried the Coffee, I only bought one bottle of the medium size for $14. The Coffee flavored turned out to be pretty now of course I'm wishing I would've bought more bottles...bummer! Guess...I'll have to return to Jamaica very soon...

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