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    Default Has anyone bought and received a wedding dress from this site?

    Has anyone bought a wedding dress from Their dresses are nice but they have copied the pictures from designer websites? Do they make nice cheap copies of these dresses? Has anyone already had a dress from them? I really love that dress, can't find it at other places.

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    I have not, but I just Googled the website name out of curiosity and they get horrible reviews for not delivering dresses, delivering tattered, dirty dresses, delivering the wrong size, etc. I wouldn't risk it!!

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    I bought my dress from a site on e-bay and was extremely worried about how it would turn out because it was so cheap. It was AMAZING! I can send you the link and some pictures if you'd like

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    There are many online apparel sites which display some other pictures and offers some other clothes. SO always shop from sites which have cash on delivery system or exchange offer scheme as many get duped many times.

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    I bought a dress from and was very pleasantly surprised when I received it. I was hesitant because it was made in China, but I received it quickly and the quality was great. Very reasonably priced, also.

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    I got my dress from and it was amazing. It was brand new from a bridal shop where the bride cancelled her order at the last minute and the shop got stuck with the dress. I got a $2400 couture dress for $400. Can't beat that!!! I have a friend that bought her dress there too and had a great experience as well.

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