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    Default October 18-22, 2009

    Looking forward to our second trip to CSA from October 18-22 (only 104-more days to go!); any other folks visiting during this time?

    Wish I could stop day-dreaming about being there! LOL

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    We will be there October 20-26th! We're getting married on the 22nd! Only 91 more days to go now!

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    My husband and I are visiting for our first time Oct 17-24th. We're very excited and hoping we'll meet some other fun couples!

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    Default October Arrival 10/16 to 10/24 if forced out

    Fortunately we'll be making our 14th Visit to Couples Swept Away.
    The fall months are great. Spring is wonderful, too and of course Winter! Burrrr from the north! Yet, October is perfect:
    The Carib Sea is warm. The Sun is high. Vegitation is lush. The staff team is pumped. Fruit is very abundant at the Veggie bar. Sports bar is humming. Tennis is real big this month. The Scuba reefs are full of Turtles and Rays. The piano at Mr. Ultimate Chocolate's Club (Ulti) is tuned and waiting at 9:00! Look for DogMon ("shark tooth pendant") near the Scuba Shack or Martini Bar. See you there!

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    Dogmon: As a first-timer I'm so happy to hear from a CSA veteran (14 times?! I'm jealous!) that October is the perfect time to go. Now if only it were October already...

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    Default Oct 19-28

    My fiance and I will be there Oct 18-29, along with my Uncle and his fiance. We are ready to party, relax, and have a blast. If you are around us, it will be a riot, thats a guarantee!

    See you then!

    Nate, Tracy, Chuck, & Christy

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    We'll be there! Second time to CSA, celebrating our first anniversary. Going to be there from Oct 16th to the 24th.

    Looking forward to the sun, sand, tennis, and sharing a drink or two on the beach.

    Steph & Derek

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    My husband and I will be there from 10/17 - 24 .... first timer and can't wait !!!!

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    My husband and I will be there from 10/16 to 10/23. This will be our first time. We are celebrating our 25th, a little late. My daugther got married last year so we had to put it off. I am so excied and nervous something else may come up. I have worked a lot of overtime to pay for this.

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    We're going from 10/23-28. Can't wait. Thanks veteran for the cool things about October. Can't wait to scuba to find turtles.

    This will be our second honeymoon and birthdays wrapped up together in one little fabulous package!

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    We'll be home from the 18th to the 25th celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary on the 20th. This will be our second time to CSA, we went the same time last year and DH swears it will be an annual event, yay me!
    Looking forward to meeting some new friends.

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