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    Default Golf transportation to Negril Hills

    We would like to play some golf while we are there, but would rather do nine than carve out an entire morning for 18. I've read a bit about the shuttle that takes you and was wondering the times it ran. Would we be able to play 9 and then return to the resort or would we have to wait until a certain pick up time regardless of how many holes we play?

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    I seem to remember that the shuttle will come back for you.. I always play 9 holes when I am there, but I play in the afternoon. The afternoon shuttle leaves CN at 1:05 PM and then picks you up at 4:00 PM at the course. Just enough time to play nine and have a beer afterwards.

    If you golf ask for Sharron and Stacey as your caddies and tell them that Will & Jen from Canada say hello and will see them both again early next March

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    Hi Peliroja,
    We've played Negril Hills twice, both times for 18 holes. The van takes you there for 18 holes in the morning at around 8 am. It returns at around 1pm when they pickup the morning players and drops off the 9 hole players. I don't know if you're allowed to play only 9 holes in the morning. I guess you could always go saying you'll be playing 18, quit after 9 and call a taxi to take you back to the resort. I really don't think that they'd appreciate it because you have to take a caddy and that would cut their fee and tip in half. If you do play 9 in the afternoon it'll probably be hot and might get hit by one of the afternoon showers.
    It's a short fun course but conditions are not up to par with the conditions we've come to expect on courses here in the States. It could disappoint you and you don't want that on your well deserved vacation. My humble opinion is that if you're that concerned about time you should skip the golf and just let sand gravity take hold of you at the resort.
    If you have any other questions drop me an e-mail at
    Enjoy, Steve

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    Last year we went in the morning and played nine holes. We let the driver know we would only play 9 and he told us when he would return. No problem. Rayon was our caddie and he is a great caddie. Can't wait to play again in august.
    The course has some beautiful views, you should at least try it. Don't forget to tip the driver and caddie.
    Have fun..

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    Thanks so much guys. We have played the course over in Runaway Bay on a different trip, and know mostly what to expect. We quit bringing clubs for several years as it wasnt worth it for us when we could play at home, but now with 3 kids, it is rare we actually get to play together so thought this would be a good opportunity! Love the people of Jamaica and we are always happy to try to provide an employment opportunity

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    If you are bringing your clubs down and plan on playing several times, you can leave them at Negril Hills. We have done it for the past two years - a nice little perk so that you only have to lug your clubs around twice - the first time you show up, and the last time you leave!

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    I went in the afternoon and got 18 holes in. Got back just as the shuttle was pulling up the drive way. Of course me and the caddie were about the only ones on the course and I played in just under 2 hours and 15 minutes which I did not think was being hurried. Even had a drink and a couple of bathroom breaks. Enjoy fun time.

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