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    Default first timers vow renewel CTI july 11-18

    we are very excited to get to CTI in july. I have a few questions for everyone that is willing to help. We are flying through Atlanta on a wed morning with only a 49 minute lay over how fast will i have to run to our connecting fligth also and tips that could be shared would be great.

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    We connected in Atlanta with Delta last year. My main concern for you is that your first flight may be delayed, making it near impossible to connect with a 49 minute layover. If this should happen, speak with someone immediately about getting your second leg bumped up to a later flight so that you don't get stuck in Atlanta until the next round of flights Thursday morning.
    This happened to our wedding party last year- the ones of us who did this made it to Jamaica later in the day, the ones who didn't had to wait until the next day to leave. Also, just because you are cutting it so close, make sure and pack your carry on with everything you would need for 24 hours in case your luggage is delayed (common if connecting flights are missed). God speed!
    Everyting irie, mon!

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