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    Default pre-check in and room upgrade question

    As of right now my husband and I have a GVS booked, but we are hoping to pay for an upgrade once we are at the resort. Should we do a pre-registration or will it not be beneficial because we are hoping to change things once we get there?

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    mandee... I have to ask a question just out of curiosity. If you are planning and hoping to pay for an upgrade when you arrive, why not just book what you really want. If you plan ahead you could actually save money with the special deals that Couples offers verses waiting until you arrive. If you book the room you want you won't be disappointed by not having it available when you arrive. Sorry, but I can't answer your question for sure about pre-registration. I don't think it would make any difference if you do the pre-checkin and change rooms after you arrive. Maybe someone can answer this with certainty that has done this. We always just book the room we really want.

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    We've never been to any resort before so we were suckers and booked during the free night promotion and resort credit promotion. Now that I've been on the boards and have seen more pictures and reviews I'm kicking myself for not booking a different room category. When we booked it would have cost us the same amount to upgrade the room as it would have to stay an extra night so we decided on the extra night figuring we wouldn't mind a garden room. We were fortunate in getting more money as wedding gifts than we thought we might and paid the rest of the trip off early. To upgrade at this point would be $1400 more so we are waiting until we get there in september to see if there is an upgrade for less. if not we won't be disappointed, I'm sure we'll have an amazing trip anyways. Like I said, we didn't think we would be so fortunate.

    For our next trip, in say 20 years, we will be booking a higher room for sure. I'll do more research before I take the travel agents advice.

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    Default some of the specials are for specific room types, like the early booking for 2013 you had to stay in the garden suite (CSA) to get the free night, but once at the resort you can upgrade your room and still get free night. Not sure if up grade will cost what you saved with free night though, lol.

    Back to question, I would do the pres registration incase you can't up grade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mandee View Post
    As of right now my husband and I have a GVS booked, but we are hoping to pay for an upgrade once we are at the resort. Should we do a pre-registration or will it not be beneficial because we are hoping to change things once we get there?
    Hey Mandee! We did the same thing as you. We are going in October, so the deal was to book the GVS to get the 7th night free/free trip insurance/$300 resort credit. I contacted Couples and was told if we wanted to upgrade now, we would lose those added incentives. So we are just going to upgrade when we get there (if we can). If we can't, oh well...we'll save the extra $ and still be at sweat Anyway, back to your question....we are going to do the pre-registration. It will still help in the long run so they know what we want. Most likely (depending what time you arrive), your room won't be ready anyway so it will be fine if you do get the upgraded room. Good luck & enjoy!

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    On our first trip we stayed in a garden verandah room and loved it. This time we chose the atrium suite, stayed 2 nights and asked to be moved to a garden room. We thought we would love the open screens, but it was loud with no glass and our room couldn't get as cold as we like it. We also felt a huge lack of privacy with all the shutters as we had to shut them all in the evening while getting ready for dinner or the whole world could watch. We were put in the new section this time and our room was identical to my cousin's room that was beachfront. The only difference was location. You may not want to upgrade.

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    We also loved the GVS and when we go back next year I am going to book a GVS again and try to get the same room. lol

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    for the amount of time you're going to spend in you're room, it won't matter. I'd sleep in the kitchen if it meant i could stay longer

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    I was also planning to ask for an upgrade. I could only book a GVS at the time I made my reservation. What section of the resort has the best GVS? I'm really only concerned about road noise.

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    I thought I wanted to upgrade too, but after seeing my GVS room, we stayed put...The biggest issue with many people is the road noise...but I am a city girl, and used to cars, trucks, etc..however, we tolerated the noise here, because this was not the city; we were steps aways from the beach and had views of the lush garden!! beats a parking lot view with road noise any day; I would wait until you see the room before you decide..Enjoy!

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    We have stayed at CSA twice the first time had a GVS pretty close to the Great House. It was great because the grounds and gardens are so beautiful anywhere on the property. Our second trip we splurged for beach front room which is fabulous, and convenient. But really we never stayed in the room that its really a toss. We will be returning July 3 and opted for a GVS to that would could spend a few extra nights, with the saving from a beachfront room. So it really depends if you are out all day and participating in activities does it really matter if your beach front. However if you just want to sit on your porch, read and enjoy the view of paradise....the beachfront it is!

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    When we stayed at CSA it was a nightmare checking in because every one was switching rooms. Does it really make that much difference? There really isn't this problem at the other Couples Resorts.

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