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    Default Dress code at CSA

    This is our first time at a resort so we are a little unaware of what resort elegant etc. means. What type of clothing should you expect to bring to wear to each of the restaurants?

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    We wear what we would wear to a nicer restaurant for a romantic dinner. After being in a swim suit all day its nice to get a little dressed up.
    The reservation restaurants requires long pants, collar shirts, and closed toe shoes for men other then tennis shoes, men don't have to wear a tie or jacket. Women a nicer summer dress with sandles not flip flops.

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    FOR FEATHERS: The gentleman should bring closed toed shoes (not sandals, but shoes, like docksides, etc.) and long trousers and a collared shirt (like a Tommy Bahama or Hawaiian shirt) if you want to eat at Feathers. The lady should bring some nice sandals (not rubber beach type flip flops) and a nice sundress or skirt and cami for Feathers (and a shawl or sweater, as the aircon can be cold).

    FOR LEMONGRASS: We've seen gentlemen dressed in nice shorts and a collared shirt (although some men have showed up in a tee shirt and shorts - kind of like they just came off the beach). For the ladies, again you can wear a sundress or skirt and cami. I've seen people in capris, but honestly, I think it's just too hot for anything that's not a skirt!

    For the Reservations only restaurants, just dress as you would if you went to a nicer restaurant in your hometown during the summer.

    PATOIS PATIO - Dinner dress is much like Lemongrass. For lunch, we've found they ask women to wear a true beach cover-up (not just a sarong around the waist of a bikini).

    PALMS - We've found lunch at the Palms to be more "just come in off the beach with your sarong and you're fine." Men should wear shirts to any of the indoor restaurants at breakfast / lunch.

    CABANA GRILL / SEA GRAPES - just wipe off the sand and stumble on up to the table....straight off the beach is fine with either!

    Hope you have a GREAT time!!

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    It's really not a big deal, even though it feels like that when you're planning for your first time. Just bathing suits for morning/day at the resort... just add a cover up and flip flops for eating breakfast and lunch. Take shorts and a few tees for any excursions outside the resort you plan to do. For evening at the non-reservation restaurants, the men wear nicer shorts with hawaiiaan style flowery button up shirts, un-tucked with nice sandals. Ladies wear sundresses, nice capris with strappy tops and nice sandals or dressy flip flops. For the reservation restaurant same for women, but the men have to wear long pants with closed toe shoes instead of the shorts and sandals. Same shirt is fine. Some go a bit dressier and some go a bit more casual but that's about the norm, and that is what we wear.

    For the cat cruise just wear your bathing suits, no shoes... because you have to walk out in the water to the boat. Take along your beach towels, just hold them over your head as you walk into the water and onto the boat.


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    I was wondering the same thing also what is meant by resort casual and resort chic.

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