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    Default CSA/CN Beach Vendor Question

    We're heading to CSA in a couple days (finally!!!), after having stayed at CN last October. One of the things we kind of enjoyed was hearing some of the locals come up and down the beach. Some of the musicians we really liked, and are hoping to hear again. Plus it just wouldn't be a hot day in Negril without hearing "ciiiiigarettes, ciiiiigarettes, cigars, cigars...."

    So my question is this - can we expect to see some of the same faces from CN roaming the beaches at CSA? Or do we have to wander over to Bloody Bay to hear our favorite locals covering Kenny Rogers songs?
    CN 2011, CSA 2012, CSA 2013 (although not soon enough!)

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    Doesn't feel like we're home until we here ciiiiigggaarrreeeettttttteeeessss. Not sure if they are the same vendors but their selling the same stuff. 60 days till CSA

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    They are just as good at CSA, maybe better.

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    CSA is located on the 7-mile beach and yes, I'm sure you will see/hear them. We stayed on 7-mile at a different resort and they were walking the beach daily.

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    We have only been to CSA but from what I have gathered over the years there are even more vendors walking on the beach at CSA than there are at CN. I would not be suprised if the selection of "products" was more diverse as well.

    The music and commerce of the beach is one of our favorite things about CSA.

    Have a great trip!

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    May not be the same guys but they have the same type of vendors and there is a ciiiiiiiiiigarette guy and plenty of strolling musicians.

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