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    My husband and I are planning a trip for July of 2013 to renew our wedding vows for our 10 year wedding anniversary. We did not go on a honeymoon after we were married and have really figured out the meaning of marriage lately. Just thought this would be a great place to take our "Honeymoon" but which resort is best? We will be 28 when we go, we love to just do things, we love the sun and being outside! Any help would be great, those that have been to all maybe some comparison thanks so much!!!!

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    I would recommend CSS to you simply for the romance factor and how you are going to get close again and rediscover each other. CSS is peaceful, quiet and very easy to spend lots of time together with each other.
    As your stay progresses you can choose if you want to mingle more with others (or not)... either way CSS can be YOUR vacation and be as private as you want it to be.

    However if having a big beach is very important to you, then I'd recommend the other side of the island and try CSA... still Couples so you are guaranteed wonderful service but the vibe is slightly different with a "better" beach. CSS's beach is private but the "floor" as you walk out into the water can be murky and mucky whereas the beach at CSA is more clearer water with a neater type footing.

    We still prefer the smaller beach at CSS with no vendors and we feel we have a bit more privacy together to lay on the beach. However CSA's beach is so lovely that it's a close call.

    We can't say anything bad about CN or CTI we just prefer CSS and CSA.

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    Just a fun warning, you might as well have asked which came first the Chicken or the Egg!

    I vote Couples Negril, simply because of it's smaller size, beautiful white sand beach, great staff, outstanding food, Paul Tucker at the piano bar, Nellie the entertainment director, the laid back atmosphere, the quite water lapping onto the beach, the trade winds blowing gently through the palm trees, the harmonious sound of the tree frogs at night, and the feeling of love and peace that settles over you after a few days.

    Others will say the same things about the other Couples Resorts. Have fun choosing.

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    There isn't one of the four resorts that has unanimously been declared to be the "best." Each resort is unique, and each resort has its fans. What appeals to me might not appeal to you, so which resort I like the best might not be your choice. We've been to all four resorts for a total of 19 visits with 15 being to CN, but while CN is our favorite, it doesn't mean that it would be yours.

    There is a lot of information on this web site about each of the resorts. Spend some time looking through it. Read information on accommodation and dining choices. Look at the photo tours and 360-degree views. Check out guest photographs. It's likely that you'll find something about one of the four resorts that appeals to you in particular, and that it the resort that you should choose.

    If you're still uncertain, you'll at least have enough information to enable you to ask detail-oriented questions designed to give you the precise information you need to make a decision.
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    The one you are at.

    Thats like picking which of your children is the best. You love them all but for different reasons.

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