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    My Fiance and I are going to CTI next week for our honeymoon and are beginning to pack but are curious about the attire to wear in the restaurants. What does resort chic, cocktail elegant, and resort casual dress mean?
    Thank You,

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    My Fiance and I will also be arriving on the 4th for our honeymoon @ CTI!!! I know at Eight Rivers guys need to have slacks or khakis with a collared shirt and closed toe shoes.
    When are y'all arriving and for how long?

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    It has been covered extensively in this thread:

    Also in the FAQ under "Resort Information".

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    For evening meals the non reservation restaurants most men wear nicer shorts (not jean shorts) with a hawaiian style flowery button up shirt or a linen button up shirt, along with nice sandals. The ladies normally wear sundresses, maxi dresses, mini skirts or capris with strappy tops. I like to wear my bigger statement-type necklaces at the evening meals also. The ladies wear sandals or dressy flip flops... I prefer flats for me.

    For the reservation restaurants the men would replace the shorts with long pants and the sandals with closed toe sandals/shoes. Other than that it's easy peasy.

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    I think it means cute little sun dresses and sandals. That's just about all I wore last time for every dinner at Couples.

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    WOW. Seriously there are alot of people on the message board going to CTI next week! Maybe those that are about to leave just get on alot just before they go, and I just noticed because I am one of those people too! I believe that info is found on the website, but if not there is several threads about it as well.

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    To guidry333, we are flying into Montego Bay at 1:30pm, I am not sure how long the transport to the island is though. Are you and your fiance golfers?

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    Can't wait!!! We'll be arriving at CTI on the 4th too!!

    Hope to see you all there!

    Tony & Toni

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