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    Default CSS review for May 2012

    We stayed at CSS from May 26 thru June 2, 2012. This was one of the best vacations we have ever had. The grounds are beautiful, Lush and full of hidden walkways. There was lots of birds, butterflies, and gecko's or anole lizards.

    The food- was very good. All three restaurants and room service was good. The bella Vista was slow in getting your food out but we decided it was too lovely an evening to complain and just enjoyed each other's company. The food was delicious at the Pallazina for all meals and Edgar the omelette guy is a true pro at what he does. Dinner presentations are beautiful at all the restaurants. The gala and beach party was outstanding.
    Entertainment- Thought the acts were top-notch. we enjoyed many great evenings at the parties and the Balloon Bar. We never made it past eleven there. The beach bar was another great place to hang out at night. The Juice bar is awesome. Had great smoothies and healthy lunches.
    Spa- So worth it. Thelma does a great massage, she did a bamboo fusion that worked out all the knots! i still feel great!

    The staff- Couples has outdone themselves on assembling this team. They are all professional, courteous and the nicest people I have ever met. They are proud to work for Couples and I hope that Couples treats them as valuable employees.
    Kishawn- guest services- Couldn't do enough for us, always pleasant and goes above and beyond. I happened to mention how much I loved the cookies esp. the chocolate chips, well the next day, we arrived back at our room to find a whole plate of cookies, tropical fruit and champagne set up beautifully in our living room!
    ShellyAnne-entertainment- That girl has got it going on! She knows how to make anything fun. From Scrabble to evening entertainment, Shelly was so much fun! Kudos to Jermaine, Sasha and Chadrick as well. Simone has a great team and really know how to set up entertaining.
    Careen- trainee bartender- Such a great addition to the staff. She really cares about what she does and knows about the value of healthy drinks. She got me hooked on her cucumber lime drinks.
    Dave, Quisienne, Masell, Taneisha and of course Orlando- bartenders- These folks are the best! Ask for Dave's "Jamaican Dream" its the bomb! also Quisienne (I hope I spelled right) has a drink my hubby loves! Just ask her to make her special.
    Erol- Maintenance- Always working. Such a nice guy and very proud of his work. I know there are plenty more groundsmen and they were always doing something.
    Maureen and Milton- Servers- Freaking awesome, They really know what they are doing and do it very well. They are unobtrusive, professional and courteous. truly dedicated to their craft.
    Richard- watersports- We are still laughing at his jokes, this guy made the glass bottom boat ride a blast. Great sense of humor, while making sure we were safe.
    Patrice and the gang from the gift shop- Love you guys. We bought two twisted palm mugs and Patrice wrapped them so well they got home in one piece!
    There wasn't anyone we came in contact with who wasn't on top of their game. This is what makes us come back. Even though our room was ready when we arrived I asked to be moved to B Block second floor, if there was one available. Apparently there was because we got a room. No Problems.
    Room service was very good. I don't normally order too much off the menu. The Marlin quesidillas were delish! one evening they were out of cookies. About twenty minutes after receiving our room order another knock at the door and there was one of the guys with our cookies!!! how is that for service!
    We enjoyed our stay so much that we decided to forgo the trip to CTI. We wanted to do so much but it was just too lovely to move off the beach. Unless it was to the mineral or main pool. I did do a yoga class with Magi. He is an amazing person and I am glad i went. He encouraged me to push myself a little further and I found I could do more advanced stances.
    However we did do the shopping trip and other than having a blast with the other people from the resort, this place is pretty much one and the same shop.
    We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary here, met some great people and had a fabulous time. CSS makes it hard to go anywhere else

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    Thanks so much for your fabulous review! We will be saying in Jamaica during the last two weeks of August. First week at CSA (5th time), and second week CSS which will be our first visit. We stayed at CN twice, but really love CSA . Your review eases my anxiety about trying a new resort!

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    Thanks for posting this great review! We are headed to CSS on June 24th for a week to celebrate our 20th and we are getting very excited. Glad to hear the yoga was good too...we both have doing yoga lately and are looking forward to taking a class. Did you do Dunn River Falls?

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    We didn't do Dunns River because we had already been there. It is beautiful there but i think its over-commercialized. Saying that, you should do it at least once in your lifetime - The horseback riding was highly recommended and everyone who came back said they had a blast!

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