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    Default My husband is coming around!

    Ok - so again loved Sans Souci - but I think I actually have my husband considering Negril (which I really want to give a try). So next question - which room? We absolutely need an ocean view. Any suggetions?

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    The buildings at CN are set at an angle so if you really want to have the best ocean view you can get there then I would recommend the beach front suites. "Ocean view" rooms may give you just a small view of the ocean.

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    just be aware that at CN, there are no rooms that are perpendicular to the ocean. At CSA, I believe, there are rooms that have more of a direct ocean view.

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    We love CN and CSA but if you have to have a direct ocean view then CSA is the one for you.

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    When you write Negril you must mean Ánegril. I've never stayed there but I've read that the beachfront suites don't even have a straight on view of the sea. If you want the best views of the sea you must stay at Swept Away in a beachfront suite or a 1st or third floor beachfront verandas suite. If you would like a couple shots of those, email me at

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    Any room is good Couples. Good for a lower room and add days, or go for the top and have less days.
    Irie Mon

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    Here's what the Oceanview looked like from our balcony in Bldgs 8 and 7 respectively. We were less than 100 yards from the beach.
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