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    Default Room Selection - San Souci

    Hello! My fiance and I are booking our honeymoon this week at Couples! We have settled on Couples San Souci - we love how romantic it looks! Now our only remaining choice is the room. We would really like to see the ocean and have a decent size balcony. We like to sit outside at night with our drinks. I would love a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom but that is not as important as the views or balcony/porch. We are debating between the Penthouse Suite, One Bedroom Beachfront Suite, and One Bedroom Ocean Suite. Any advice??? If you have pictures of the balcony/view I would love to see them. Thank you so much!

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    Either the Penthouse or 1 BR Ocean Suite is your best bet.

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    MOST (not all) of the One Bedroom Ocean Suites have wonderful balconies and views... but not all. I would recommend the Penthouse Suites for you to guarantee a great view and balcony... be aware that some of the Penthouse balconies are not completely private but still are great balconies with beautiful views. The One Bedroom Beachfront Suites are all in buildings A and B and all have balconies facing the ocean, but they are not huge, just nice for sitting out and having a drink.. .no big loungers to lay on, but they all have jacuzzi tubs.
    Again, I'd recommend booking a Penthouse Suite since the balcony and views are the most important to you. The rooms at CSS are very romantic and lovely, each has their different unique qualities. The best part of CSS is the staff and the quiet peaceful atmostphere in our opinion.

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