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    Default CTI Activity Schedule...

    Is the sample schedule posted online fairly accurate? Wife and I are trying to plan a few things ahead of our arrival next Tuesday the 5th...thanks!

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    The future wife and I will arriving there on the 4th actually for our first time as well. Our travel agent gave us a schedule of activities just not sure how accurate. I would think it's pretty close.

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    Curious to know the same since my wife and I will be visiting for the first time next week!! Check in on the 4th - woo hoo!! cant wait

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    I am curious about this as well. I'm kinda trying to have a tenative plan in mind if I can. It sounds like everyone on this thread will be there at the same time! We will be arriving on the 7th! It is our first time as well.

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    Definately check out the CTI Meet-Up thread - looks like a bunch of people on here will be there

    T-Minus 96 hours until we board the plane!!!!

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    Hi we will be at CTI next week as well for the first time. We will be checking in on the 9th and I was wondering the same thing. It will be nice to know what activities are going on ahead of time. I am just so excited and ready to go

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    sexy ty come check out the June CTI Meet-Up thread!!

    Hopefully will see you guys there!!

    T-Minus 72 Hours!!!

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