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    Default Face cloth at Sans Souci?

    Okay. I just read a review and they talked about the "Face cloth thing" at CSS. I hadn't thought about it, but when the reviewer described it my memory was tweaked. I was on the balcony one night when housekeeping knocked and entered. When I went in I was handed a face cloth.

    Apparently there is a thread talking about this and it's peaked my interest. They came into our romm and gave us a cloth when we didn't really need one and I did think it odd, but now I find it happens enough that there has been discussion about it.

    What's up with that?

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    never happened to me in room that is...we where handed one when we arrived-it was cold.When I arrived in Negril years ago we where given a hot one with tongs tho.

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    We have been to CSS three times now and they are NOT giving them out upon arrival here any more. We did not get one when we arrived on Saturday and I have been watching several other groups come in over the past couple of days and none of them have been given one either.
    I missed that special touch ..... and I do admit that I had thought about it once or twice on the ride over from MoBay because it was SO hot!

    Its a shame that they have stopped it.......

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    Find it funny that you get a cold face cloth when you arrive but none are given in the room. I always bring my own as it is part of my shower routine.
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    Our towel sets included a face cloth - we were at CSS in April. We also received a cool cloth and glass of champagne when we arrived.

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