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    Default Dive questions for CN


    I will be getting SDI certified in CT this month and was wondering what I will need to bring/do in order to be all clear to dive when I visit in November. Thanks for any help.

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    Bring your paper work with you and enjoy.

    Certified Diver Program
    Dives are offered Sunday through Friday, deep dive in the morning and shallow in the afternoon. On Saturday morning we offer a two tank dive and no afternoon dive. The dives and gear are included with the price of your stay. We offer Night Dives for an additional charge. Consider upgrading your certification while you are visiting by taking an Advanced Course for an additional charge. Certified divers can dive once per day.
    Irie Mon

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    I think I've got it now. You need to show up at the water sports desk soon after you get there with your new c-card (certificate) and a log book (you should have one but it's not required). There is a medical questioner they will make you fill out or you can bring it with you. This questioner can be found on this website. I found a link to it in the FAQs section. If you have any abnormalities (ie heart problems) they may require a doctor's authorization. You may want to do this in the states if you think you may need it.
    They will review things and either allow you to sign up for a future dive or ask you to go through a check out dive in their swimming pool. The check out dive simply goes over the basics of diving.
    SCUBA is a great feature at Couples. The 2 tank dive was great and they offer an optional night dive that you must experience at least once in your life.

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    From what I understand, if you haven't dove in 18 months you need to take a relatively quick refresher course at the resort. There is a $50 per person fee for that. (I got this info from the Water Sports Hut at CN) I would take the medical form with you or at least be familiar with it to make sure you don't have any conditions that need medical clearance for.

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    Thank you for all the info. See you there......can't wait

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