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    The last time in negril we rented a cell phone to call home. Are they available at this resort?

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    Not sure, but you should look into Skype.

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    In 2010 we bought a $10 calling card from the gift shop at the resort and whatever we didn't use, we gave as a gift to a worker! This year we will probably do the same along with skype.

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    The best plan is if you have a smart phone down load SKYPE. You need to down load it from the store, because some cell phone company's per load SKYPE on your phone, but that program makes you us the data plan. This is very costly. The one you down load uses Wifi, and the call will cost 2 or 3 cents per min to call a land line and is free to call a SKYPE number.

    Just remember, before you leave the USA, turn your data OFF and put your phone into airplane mode. This turns the cell phone and data function off. Turn on the wifi and you can get emails, and make calls on SKYPE when you are in a Wifi area at Couples.
    Irie Mon

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