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    Default The ups and downs of last minute....CSA

    So, we decided and made happen a repeat trip to CSA YAY! Upside, my 'countdown' app has been under 30 days since we booked. Downside, I had no choice of room. Our first visit was an ocean front suite, now I'm in Garden Verandah. Do I care? I'm pretty sure no, but any insight? I have a mini bar, TV and a/c, right? Then I'm good. Just hope I'm not too close to road noise at night to sleep. Again, can I make it to the beach and bar? Don't really care! Happy dance! This was more of a statement than a question!

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    congrats on your trip home!!!! We stayed in a GVS our second trip and didn't have a problem... just make sure your bathroom window is closed!

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    Just me but after eating, drinking, and fun in the sun all day long, I have never had trouble sleeping in a garden veranda suite or anywhere else at CSA. No worries, have a great trip!

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    We just left CSA on May 24th and were in a GV suite. LOVED It, we looked at all the other suites, ocean view, etc while we were there and decided that we would take the GV next time we were there to. We didn't like the 3 story Ocean view suites and just loved our first floor GV. We heard the tree frogs every nite were a great added bonus and were very close to our fav restraunt. BTW, we never really heard any traffic that you wouldn't have heard anywhere on the resort. Enjoy, we most certainly did!!!!

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