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    Default Just Got Back From CN Au Naturel

    My husband and I returned home yesterday from our first visit to Couples Negril. We were on the first floor of Bldg 9, which was within a few feet of the au naturel beach. If you go back and look at some of my posts about feeling 'weird or self-conscious' because I have a large incision fromm transplant surgery, then you know I was a little worried. But, once we got there, I decided "What the Hell" and tried it on the first day. We didn't even 'hide' back in the corner, but somewhere in the middle.

    Some people may have took notice of my scar, but no one made it obvious or questioned me. For our week there, we never went to the 'textile' side of the beach. I was so proud of myself!! My husband let it be totally my choice each day. And now we have the most gorgeous tan and no tan lines! The most we had on our side of the beach was 10 couples, of all ages 70+ to 30ish. And, trust me when I say, every possible shape was there too, but it was fine. You could start up a conversation with someone if you wanted, but you didn't have to. I usually had my headphones on and read a book.

    The only 'problem' I had happened a couple of times, but I didn't feel comfortable when parents would walk their kids down the beach looking for shells. I don't know what resort they came from (RIU Palace I suppose), but I didn't think a few kids needed to see us. On the other hand, the beach security was excellent. They did a wonderful job of keeping you safe and comfortable. A couple of people tried to take pictures of their friends and security was quick to take their phones and/or cameras and delete the pictures.

    Thanks to everyone who encouraged us to give the au naturel beach a try. Have fun!

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    We were just there too, had our first A/N, we left on the 20th, we may have overlapped. We had a great experience there too. My wife was hesitant, and said she would probably sit on the beach, within a couple hours she was getting drinks, floating in the water, talking to people...

    Great people great time. I hesistate to say too much good stuff because Iwould not want to see it get busy like the other side.

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