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    The phoot of this cat on the website shows the premier room with the large balcony not the "new" regular BFS, in which both the room an balcony are smaller.

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    I think this is a great change. We typically book an Atrium but booked a BFS for April '13. I have already called and upgraded to get the "premier" room. I'm not sure why anyone would complain about this, you booked a BFS and most likely all 20 of those are full every week, so only 8 bookings each week get one of those anyway. The way I see it, you are still getting the category for which was originally paid. If you want the big porch,I suggest to go ahead and pay the extra and know you are getting it before you leave. That said, I agree that the website is a little deceptive as only the big balcony room is shown. The other 12 rooms are similiar in size and build to the Atrium rooms/buildings but their views and locations are closer to the beach.

    Last Nov we booked an Atrium and ended up in one of the Premier buildings but in the 3rd room that is called an Atrium, I believe 2236. I do not like these rooms, personal preference only. They are convenient, no road noise, you can see and hear the ocean but we book the Atrium for the outside space and the hammock, this 3rd room in those building has neither, if proximity to the ocean and view are important to you then request one of these rooms. We could lay in bed, open the louvers and see the ocean, at the atrium price, that part is great.

    Randymon - any chance of calling those 4 rooms a different category - please just think about it? Some people love them, some people don't want them - it would be nice to let those who do like them choose them and for those of us who do not like them, we can book an Atrium knowing we will get the outside space that is my personal appeal of an Atrium.

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    Unless you are having a party on your verandah, the regular BFS is still a nice size patio. I like the old section. I like the Beachfront suite. I've stayed in both the regular and "premier" The room is the same from what I remember. you just are paying more for more square footage on the deck. I'll take what I can get, as long as I can walk off my porch onto the beach.

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    If you have a BFS booked they will get one of the 12 suites in buildings 34, 37 or 38.

    The upstairs smaller unit in Buildings 35, 36, 40, and 41 are listed in the system as an Atrium.

    If you upgrade to PBS you will get one of the larger units in buildings 35, 36, 40, or 41. The rooms on the upstairs do have a large balcony as well.

    Couples Resorts

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    If you have a BFS booked they will get one of the 12 suites in buildings 34, 37 or 38.

    The upstairs smaller unit in Buildings 35, 36, 40, and 41 are listed in the system as an Atrium.

    If you upgrade to PBS you will get one of the larger units in buildings 35, 36, 40, or 41. The rooms on the upstairs do have a large balcony as well.
    Thanks for the info! Very helpful! Seems like a really good idea to do the separation in the category! Thanks again.

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    So just to make sure I understand. The regular BFS suites have the same size interior and layout as the Premier BFS, but just a smaller patio/deck?

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    Sigh.... Disappointed now... Called our travel agency today and went through major hassle regarding this category change situation. The agency had no idea. They called their couples rep (I will refrain from posting that person's name) and the rep told them that they had not created a new category and that I was incorrect. They then asked me to forward the info from this board, which I did. Then my agency tried to put us in the new category and were told that we would have to rebook. At this point, I just called couples myself and found out that other couples have already upgraded to all the rooms in the new category. Bummer....

    I know the mantra - any room at couples is amazing and that getting to go on this vacation is a gift. We definitely agree with that. We got excited about this new category and now I feel a bit irritated that the BFS was all one category when we booked several months ago and now the best rooms in the category that we booked have been excluded.... I know we weren't guaranteed one of those but the chance of getting one did influence our booking that category. We are going over new years eve and already had to pay more than usual due to the busy, popular time. We are not sure now if we feel that the value of the remaining potential rooms justifies the expense vs. a much cheaper atrium room. I know logically it isn't right to feel this way but I can't help feeling a bit of disappointment and misrepresentation from when we booked. I don't like the game to be changed after money has changed hands I

    So couples vets, in your valued opinion, do you believe that the remaining BFS available to us in bldgs 34, 37, and 38, hold a significant amount more value $$$ wise than an atrium suite? If so, how much more would you pay for a BFS versus an atrium?

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    I think the room itself is smaller too from what I've seen.

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    In the future we will book Atrium or Premier because we love the hammocks/porches on the Atriums and don't see that much benefit $-wise to be a little closer to the beach in one of the normal BFS. We have always bookeed Atrium but decided to try BFS for April'13 hoping for one of the now premier rooms, but most everyone who is a repeater hopes this, because we know those rooms exist and at check-in I'm sure 90% of people (who know) ask if one of those rooms is available, this was my plan. It just makes good business sense for Couples to make this change. If so many of us want them, they must be better/in demand, so they are worth more $$. Changing the category reduces reception dealing with angry or dissappointed couples every week because everyone wants one of those rooms.

    I have called and upgrade already for April'13. I hate that you missed out this trip and I do understand your dissappointment. Try looking at this differently, most likely % chance-wise, you would not have been placed in one of these 8 premier rooms anyway. If you think this way you are not missing or being cheated out of anything. If you arrived in Dec and all those rooms were already full, would this make your vacation bad, would you dwell for days on the better room and wish that you booked an Atrium? I hope not, I wish you the best vacation and hope you enjoy the sound of the ocean and the great view!

    I do agree with others, that the picture adverstising BFS needs to be updated soon. The one that has been and is currently on the website is Building 41 (I think) a premier BFS, 1st floor room.

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    See Ya Soon,

    Thank you for the reply and the good insight. You stated it very well! It is funny that you mentioned about looking at it as we may not have been able to get one of those rooms anyway. That is what I said to my significant other last night and the funny thing is, if none of this had ever come up and we got to CSA and didn't get one of those, I would have been unfazed. I told my significant other that I don't really get why it bothers me now. It must have sparked the competitive fire in me.... LOL!

    Last year at CSS, I was hoping for a G block room. We arrived, we got F block and the airline lost my luggage..... I was so excited to be there that we ran off to the beach bar for some jerk chicken, some sunset and some sax player and drinks. We didn't get to our room before dark and actually the bellman was laughing at us because we forgot to come back and pick up our luggage after check in. We were so happy, we just ran off. We didn't even end up asking if any G block was available. We had the most incredible trip.

    In the end, I still believe it is smart of couples to split the category even if it didn't work out for us. I wasn't happy that we have been booked for months now and missed out on the option but the one thing I do know with absolute certainty is that when we go on vacation it is always a romantic, incredible experience no matter what room we have.

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    I too was disappointed too as we are booked in Nov. We ended up upgrading. I think the problem is the picture. It showed a big patio and one assumes they are all like that. I know we did.

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    You're right Scorpiogal, the BFS pictures are of the Premium BFS rooms. I've posted a request for pictures of the BFS. Hopefully someone will share their photos.
    I'm sorry you didn't get a PBFS. Hopfully you will like the BFS too. The location is great being right on the beach. Maybe when you see some pictures of a BFS you can decide if the room is worth the extra $$$ or if you want to switch to an Atrium.

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    Thank you for creating the new "Premier Beachfront" suite category. On our second visit to Couples Swept Away, we booked a Beachfront Suite. Imagine our disappointment when on arrival we discovered that our "Beachfront" was identical to the Atrium we had previously stayed in, only one building closer to the beach and without the hammock. We expected that the the Beachfront was the suites with the larger wrap around balcony.

    There was no previous distinction at booking between the suites with the larger balconies and the atrium sized rooms.

    This new designation is a wonderful way to be specific with which room one is booking.

    Thank you.

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    Geez...after reading all of these replies, I got a headache..As nice as the BFS/BFVS are, especially being beachfront, I think we will stick with our garden verandah suites for future visits, never a hassle about these, which makes them perfect,!

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post

    To avoid disappointment and to ensure that those who prefer these larger balconies are accommodated accordingly, we have elected to create another category named "Premier Beachfront Suite".

    We know from experience that the volume of specific requests for these suites will justify our decision to split up the Beachfront Suite category. So now there are 12 Beachfront Suites and 8 Premier Beachfront Suites.
    I love this idea! Good Idea! I saw this and was wondering what the difference was, thanks for explaining!

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    I love it! We booked a BFS last November hoping to get one with the huge wrap around deck. We didn't get it - and our room was fine - but I'll be happy to pay more to get one in the future.
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

  17. Default Video tour of a Premier Beachfront Suite at CSA

    Here is a video tour of a Premier Beachfront Suite at Couples Swept Away (CSA).
    Couples Swept Away Premier Beachfront Suite (Video Tour) Negril, Jamaica - YouTube

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