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    Default Virgin Airways Gatwick to Montego Bay

    Hi, we have just returned from Couples Negril and want to re-book for November 2012.
    Virgin are the only flights we can get for 11th November as Thomas Cook do not have flights in the winter.
    Please could someone tell us what the flights are like? We are trying to book premium standard on upper deck,but we do not know the layout of the plane or if it has an upper deck????? Any help greatfully received.. Regards Eva......

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    Check out to find out the set-up of any flight and what are good seats; are which ones are not
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    We always fly Virgin to Montego Bay. I am not sure what you mean by premium standard?
    Virgin has economy, premium economy and business class.
    Whenever we have flown the plane does have an upper deck but it has always been reserved for business class.
    Once you have booked ( any class ) you can go on-line and reserve seats. There is a diagram of the plane and it shows which seats are available for each class and you can choose which ones you would like.

    Hope this helps!

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    All the seats upstairs on Virgin 747's from Gatwick to Montego Bay are premium economy seats - we just love them and always book them. As Bettyin Toronto says, check out - the planes you are looking for are the Virgin 747 Versions 2 and 3. The cabin is spacious, quiet and (in our experience) has very good service. We're booked again in that category for February 2013. There are also 2 rows of Premium Economy downstairs behind Upper Class - but personally would not pay the extra for these seats.

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    If you go to the Virgin website and search 'Aircraft seating ' you get all the seating for the various aircraft, Virgin has 747's and Airbuses. The 4 link on the page is for the 747's out of Gatwick.
    14 Upper Class seats on the bottom desk and Premium Economy on the top, also Premium on the bottom. as soon as you get your booking reference you can log on to Manage my booking and change your seats if you want. the Upper deck premium seats go very quickly.
    Have you looked at Thompson they are the only other Airline that flies direct to Jamaica now. BA do fly but you are routed via miami.
    Bring back Air Jamaica i say!!

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    Hi, BA still flies direct to Jamaica, and lands at Kingston and not Montego Bay, also can do flight with Avios Miles with Tesco Rewards for the BA flight, will be trying this in September.

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    Lady Eva - I've just checked the Thomson website (as Patty mentions, they fly direct to Montego Bay) and they have a flight leaving on 10th November which has upgraded seats available for £200 pp. Hope this helps.

    Patty - I have fond memories of Air Jamaica's "in flight Aerobics" - such fun at 30,000ft! Mind you , they did once change the time of our plane without advising our TA - luckliy it was 6 hours later, not 6 hours earlier. We got to know the pre-check-in area at Heathrow very well!

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    At present as Virgin are updating the inside of their Gatwick fleet you cannot at present pre-book seats in Premium Economy until check-in. They might re-start early pre-booking later in the year? The service is good in Premium and we think probably worth the extra money for the additional baggage allowance, leg room etc.

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    You'll love the Virgin flight to Montego Bay. Went economy class with Virgin for our honeymoon at CTI last April. Perfectly acceptable. Treating ourselves this year. Flying upper class on Sunday for our return visit to CTI.
    As mentioned earlier in the thread, premium economy is upstairs, with the 14 upper class seats in the nose cone.
    Iain and Jacqui

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    behindthegoal - where did your hear this? We booked our seat numbers upstairs in PE 8 weeks ago to fly to Montego Bay in Feb 2013. Need to know because we always thought that if Virgin did the Heathrow thing of putting all PE downstairs we may as well change to BA or Thomsom.
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    We've booked to fly with Virgin to Antigua in Nov & can't pre-book our seats this time.

    [I]Taken from Virgin's website:
    Restrictions to seat reservations, for flights departing before/after 01 November 2012 and in Premium Economy.
    Published 17/12/2007 01.26 PM | Updated 22/05/2012 03.46 PM
    The system says seats are unavailable. Why can't I request my seat?
    Restrictions to Seat Reservations in all classes. For flights departing on or after 01 November 2012:

    We’re making great improvements to our seat request facility and, in the short term there will be some disruption in providing this service to you. In the long term, however, more passengers will have more seating options and enjoy a much improved process. It goes without saying that we offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused during this time. We’ll update the website once seats are available again.

    Seats will be available to select when check-in opens on every flight (at -24 hours for mobile and on-line check in). In exceptional circumstances some seat allocations may be moved due to operational requirements.

    Restrictions to Seat Reservations. For flights departing before the 01 November 2012:

    Virgin Atlantic have a percentage of seats available to request prior to departure. If you're trying to check-in online within 24 hours of departure, then seats have already been taken by passengers who are due to check in or have already checked in.

    If you are attempting to request seats outside of 24 hours, it is possible that the seats available to request have been taken. If that's the case, you may have to wait until online check-in opens or select your seat at the airport on the day of departure. However, it's worth visiting Manage my booking online at regular intervals because people do cancel and seats do become available.

    Where seats do not become available, the earlier you arrive at the airport on your day of departure, the more likely you are to be able to secure a seat from the remaining allocation. However, please remember that we cannot guarantee to assign you the seat you want.

    Restrictions to Seat Reservations in Premium Economy:

    We’re refurbishing the aircraft that fly out of Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow; designing new seats and installing state of the art in-flight entertainment to make your flight more comfortable and fun. The cabin on the lower deck will be larger and all seat numbers are changing. The first completed aircraft will come back into service in mid May, and the whole fleet will be finished by the end of 2012, so any flight you may book during 2012 could well be on the newly refurbished aircraft.

    Due to the change in layout and the work taking place, we’re unable to offer advanced seat selection in Premium Economy. In addition to this refurbishment programme we’re are also making system changes to the seat request process which means restricting the seats allocated within our booking system throughout the period of development.

    We know that requesting seats is important for you and apologise for any disappointment caused; but please be assured that seats will be available when check in opens. We will add any updates on progress to our website and advice about when the system changes have been completed will also be posted.

    Hope this helps

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    tt2505 thanks for that. I'll contact Kenwood and ask them to keep us posted. When we booked a few weeks ago they said nothing about this. Hopefully, in January once the dust has settled, we'll be able to look at the new layout and decide where to sit!

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