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Thread: update at CSA.

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    Default update at CSA.

    Just thought I'd take a minute to give everyone an update on CSA while I'm sitting on our deck having my morning coffee. I'll make this short & sweet. With all the hubbub recently about change and this and that, I just want to assure everyone that every little thing is still perfect after all these years. Some new faces, yes, but that means new friends, the food, the beach & the staff are second to none, & more than enough beach chairs & shade for everyone. We renewed our vows a few days ago & both of us were blown away with the perfection & professionalism of the staff, it was truly breathtaking, WOW!! This is our 19th visit to CSA & remember the old SA very well, seen alot of changes over the years, the wall of fame is back up again. I guess what I'm trying to say is, relax, stop worrying, don't listen to complainers or nonsense, you're gonna love it here. Off to the beach!

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    We went last year and loved it and are going back in three weeks to be married!! we're taking family and friends this time so they can share in the experience and see how wonderful it is. Some have mentioned that they're "nervous" about it but I've told them that if they can't enjoy themselves there, then I'm not sure what they're looking for.

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    Thank u for the update!! We are on our way tomorrow, first visit.

    Congrats on the vow renewal!!

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    Agree 100%

    So great to meet you and your wife - hopefully we'll see you in April!

    Rachel & Eric

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    Post some photos, please!

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    We must have just missed you. We left on the 22nd. We had absolutely no problem getting a chair on the beach. We had hit or miss service, but no problems that made that much of a difference.
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    Rachel & Eric, it was a pleasure to meet you guys as well, we'll be there next April, 10 months & 2 weeks, but whose counting, lol.

    Stacie & Chris, we were there from the 17th to the 27th, I'm sure we crossed paths & just didn't know it.

    One more thing that I would say made this our best trip yet, besides renewing our vows, was to have our awesome friends that we met there years ago celebrate with us. Two different couples , one we knew was coming, the other surprised the whole resort, lol. never forget that day, lmao. Just goes to show that when you visit CSA , you leave with more than memories of an awesome vacation, you leave knowing that you made life long friends that otherwise, you probably may never have met. Thanks to all.

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