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    Default arrival 72 hours before wedding? and March 2013 weddings...

    Hey everyone,

    First off, 286 days until our arrival! And 288 days until we get married!! One thing I am confused on, and I have searched for the answer, but keep getting conflicting results. When I was doing my original searching, the website said a couple needs to be on the island for 3 days before they get married. When I called in to make my reservation, I asked the lady on the phone, and she said the day of arrival and day of wedding count, so therefore, in order to get married on Saturday, we would need to arrive on the Thursday prior. However, now another part of the website specifies a couple needs to be on the island for 72 hours before getting married. Can someone please tell me the correct information?

    Oh, and on another note, is anyone else getting married in March 2013? We will be there March 7 - 16, and are wondering if anyone else will be there the same time.

    Thanks for any answers you can provide,


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    We are getting married in the U.S prior to going to Jamaica so I have not done much research on the issue, but our travel agent that specializes in destination weddings had told us we would need to arrive on Thursday for a Saturday wedding if we were getting our marriage license there. We will not be there in March, but are getting married April 13, 2013 - however I am glad to see someone else planning early!

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    It is 72 hours. If you are getting married Saturday, you must arrive Wednesday.
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    We get there on a Monday and were told that Thursday was the first day we could get married.

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    When I emailed the wedding specialist to ask this very question, I was told we had to be there a full 72 hours prior to the event itself. This was also true even for non-legal ceremonies like vow renewals.

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    Well this gave me something else to freak out over, lol. We land around 10am Monday are renewing vows thursday at 11. So I tried to book a wedding less then three days form your arrival, and the couples website wont let you book wedding. Thinking if you can book it you're dates are fine.

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    We land Wednesday in the early afternoon and are getting married Saturday in the afternoon in August...all good and we have been planning and booked for over a year! If in doubt, you can probably contact the wedding planner for Couples to be sure! Congratulations!!!

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    We booked through the couples 800 number. We asked them if we wanted to get married on Saturday, what day do we need to arrive? We were told thursday and we booked our weddingmoon right then. Airfare included. We were contacted by the stateside wedding coordinator and gave her our requested wedding time...Saturday at 11am. Now we are seeing the 72 hour thing. Certainly, it couldnt have slipped through both the sales agent and the wedding coordinator. We have some personalized name/date things already purchased as well as our invitations for our reception when we return with our wedding date on them. We just didnt know what to do. We called the 800 number again and this person said 72 hours is recommended but its not like they wont marry you. Can we count on that or do we need to put out more money to change put airline tickets?

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    You would need to be there Wednesday! I won the dream wedding contest and i'm aiming for that same week you are going to be at Couples. We are going to be at CTI!!

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    I would contact the Couples statesite wedding coordinator again. Since you were not informed before, hopefully they can help. They told us a Wednesday arrival would be required for a Saturday wedding, but we have a travel company that we booked through.

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    We arrived on Saturday at 1 and we were married on Tuesday

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    We are arriving on Friday and getting married on Sunday, so yes, the day you arrive and the day you get married do count. Our date is June 17th, 2012.. I will let you know how it goes!

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    I can not wait to hear how everything goes for you. I will definitely be looking for your update.

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    We are having our weddingmoon in April 2013... at Couples Negril. Yay! So happy for you guys!

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    When I told the Stateside Wedding Planner that we would be arriving around 1:00 p.m. on Saturday 4/13/13 and asked her how soon after that we could get married, she told me "you can arrive anytime before midnight on Saturday and get married anytime on Tuesday."
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    Last year, I arrived on a Sunday and got married on a Tuesday.
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    I was going to do the same thing...arrive on saturday and get married on monday but then the wedding planner said that I would have to meet with the wedding coordinator the day of the wedding and do all of the pre-planning before my needless to say this made me a little bit nervous. Trying to meet with the wedding coordinator and get married all in the same day seems like a lot. From your post above, it sounds like you did something did it go for you?? Did you meet with the wedding coordinator the day of your wedding?? What types of things did you discuss??

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