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    Default Last try for answer...shuttle?

    I posted earlier, and mentioned my ? in a thread...when do the shuttles leave from CSA to the airport for departure? Do they try to match your departure time so you don't spend hours wasting, umm, waiting at the airport? We will be using Mo Bay club...thanks--I'm addicted to this board!

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    There is no set schedule for departures. Rather, the resort schedules a departure for you based upon your flight. On your last full day at the resort, you'll receive information advising you of the time that you have to be in the lobby and the time that your departure is scheduled.

    You will spend hours at the airport; the goal is to get you there about two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.
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    It seems to me that they try to take you about 5-6 hours before your flight. 1-2 hours to get to the airport and then 2-3 hours to get through the airport. If your flight is at 4pm and another couple has one at noon, you wont be on the same shuttle. But the couple with a 3pm flight and the couple with a 4pm flight probably will end up on the same shuttle. I hope this makes sence! In other words, everyone leaving the resort on a particular day do not end up on the same shuttle unless there flights are within a hour or two of each other.

    The night before you leave they will give you a information pack as to when you should have your bags ready to be picked up from your room and when you are scheduled to be shuttled. When we went we had to have are bags ready at like 9am, but we didnt have to leave the resort til like 12:30. So we got up, had breakfest, went back to our room and got everything packed. Then we went to the beach for a few hours. We kept our carry on with us to be able to change before we left. By the way our flight was at 6pm.

    When you check in, they get all your return flight info, so they are ready when the day comes you have to leave. So sad!

    Hope this helped! Have a blast! Hard not to when they cater to your every need!.

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    The hotels schedule your departure according to your flight time. The airlines require you to check in around 3 hours before your flight so they add in the travel time to figure departure time.

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    They group people based on departure times. You may end up leaving a bit earlier than you need to.

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    They leave based on your flight time. You fill out a form with departure time when you check in. Then someone will put the worlds worst letter in your room the day /night before you are to leave telling you what time to have bags packed and be in the lobby. Usually they make you leave about 4 hours before your flight.

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    The shuttle will leave the resort based on your flight schedule...figure on saying goodbye about 4 hours before your flight time. You will receive a packet in your room a day or so before you are departing.

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    Typically about 4 hours before flight time....plenty to do at airport to kill time if u get thru quickly

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    They leave at various times. The airport asks that you arrive 3 hours before departure for an international flight so they tend to leave the resort at least 4 hours before your flight. This varies a bit but this is a ballpark answer for you.
    Have fun!

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    When we were at CTI last November, our flight back left at about 2:30pm or so. They had us on the shuttle to the airport at about 12:00 and on the way back. They will get you there in time for your flight and security, without having you sit on your rear wasting most of the day at the airport.

    How long you'll actually be sitting at the airport will likely depend on how busy it is getting people through security...

    CTI again in 368 days!!!

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    Yes they will put you on the shuttle about 3 1/2 hrs before your flight leaves. That allows time for them to get you to the airport and time for you to get through security etc.. You will receive a notice under your door the nite or two before your departure telling you what time to have your bags outside your door, and what time to be in the lobby to catch the shuttle. Allow time for you to stop at the desk and checkout to settle your bill.

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    It usually leaves about 4 hours before your flight.

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    You need to be checked in your flight 3 hours prior to departure, so there is no getting around spending a lot of time at the airport. You will most likely leave for the airport about 5 hours prior to departure as they need to insure you make your flight. Most of the time, by the time we get to the airport, get checked in, go through security and immigration, we barely have time to grab a bite. We used the MoBay Club last, probably won't this year. Didn't save us anytime for getting through security and immigration and there were kids in their watching all the TV's. The best part was internet connection so we could at least play on our computer to pass the time. The food was finger sandwiches and not very filling. But that's just our experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdjbook View Post
    I posted earlier, and mentioned my ? in a thread...when do the shuttles leave from CSA to the airport for departure? Do they try to match your departure time so you don't spend hours wasting, umm, waiting at the airport? We will be using Mo Bay club...thanks--I'm addicted to this board!
    I believe it depends on the day and how busy the airport is expected to be on the day you depart around your departure time, but we usually leave from the resort approximately 4 hours before our departure time.

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    We left the resort (CSS) at 11:30am and our flight was at 4:00pm. Most people we spoke to said that they were leaving the resort four hours before their flight. We used the Mo Bay club which in our opinion was well worth the money spent. comfortable chairs, air conditioning, free drinks and some finger food.

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    You will leave early to get to airport. I believe it is 4-5 hours early. So yes there will be some time spent passing the time at the club!

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    Yes, your departure time will be used by CSA when they determine which shuttle you should be one when returning to the airport. You will find a note under your door the day before departure telling you what time to have your cases outside your room for pick-up and the time of the shuttle.

    FYI, it may seem that you're leaving a little earlier than you feel necessary, but, with the roads, traffic and crowds at the airport, Couples staff do not want to risk you missing your flight. I believe you can sign a release and choose to take a later shuttle but that is at your own risk.

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    Hi can answer one question. We used Mobay Lounge in Montego Bay and it was great, we stayed at Couples Negril and have just returned....... Mobay was definately a great decision for us, lovely smiling staff, and good food and company. Regards Eva............Enjoy your trip to Paradise! We did!!!!

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