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    Default All Good ?wheres the bad?

    every thing we see good? there has to be some OH'NO'S...were excited so we hope not much,but put it out there.....

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    Which resort are you going to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy Schedler View Post
    every thing we see good? there has to be some OH'NO'S...were excited so we hope not much,but put it out there.....
    Eventually, they make you take a bus back to the airport...

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    There is one bad thing about Couples Resorts. At some point you'll have to leave. That's the REALLY bad part.

    Which resort are you going to?
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    There is-They make you leave at the end of your vacation, the rotten &*@#^$*'s!

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    You're more likely to see mentions of the bad on Tripadvisor because this is where people who LOVE Couples come! But I can throw out a few negative points of our trip to CTI in late April.

    - No bathtubs in regular rooms and the "zero-edge" shower seriously floods the bathroom. We went through so many towels just putting them on the floor to stop the water.
    - There was one more that our room service breakfast just didn't show up. We waited about 20 minutes after the allotted half an hour and then just went to the buffet.
    - Even when it was good weather, we had a red flag most of the week so couldn't do a lot of the included water excursions.
    - This isn't a super luxurious resort compared to other all-inclusives. It's simple and beautiful, but not over the top. Despite a recent remodel, some of the resort still seems a bit rundown, such as the carpets in the hallways.

    Despite all this, we still loved our vacation and would go back. I can see how if someone was hard to please, they might not be thrilled with the resort. But we're not those people :-)

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    Hi Amy welcome to the Couples family!
    I have a short list of OH'NO's for you:
    1. The long van ride full of anticipation from the airport to the resort,
    2. We've been to Couples three times and not once has our room been ready. HINT: Bring a small carry-on bag with your bathing suits, cover up, tee shirt, sandals, hats and sun screen in it. This will save you time searching through a big suit case looking for them in the lobby.
    3. Not getting a reservation at one of the restaurants when you want it. HINT: As soon they allow you to make reservations, make them! Don't wait till the day before you want to go.
    4. Falling in love with your Couples resort and having to leave on the long, depressing van ride back to the airport. HINT: If you have the money and not afraid of small planes, take one of the puddle jumpers to and from the airport. Or do like we do, take a 6:00am flight and be there befor lunch and leave after lunch for a late flight home.
    5. My last one is the absolute worst of all. The long wait until your return home to Jamaica!
    Enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    The only "oh no" stuff I recall reading sounds like it comes from people who are looking for something to disappoint them. It really is a personal choice in how you respond...

    We did have a grey cloud from the airline losing our bags now we just pack our carry-on well enough to get us through a few days. No problem mon!

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    ya mon , the only bad thing is when you have to say goodbye until next time to all of the friends you have met, bless

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    Some people are negative and always find fault. If you are one of those people, you'll find plenty to dislike about the Couples Resorts, just like any other place. Besides the unreasonable/impossible to please, most people who dislike Couples arrive with inappropriate expectations. For example, the resorts are rustic beach resorts, and they're intentionally that way. If you arrive expecting a luxurious resort, you're likely to be disappointed.

    Some people complain about the slow service; they've yet to become acquainted with "Jamaica time." Relax; you're on vacation. If you live a fast-paced lifestyle at home and are accustom to things moving quickly, take a deep breath and tell yourself to relax; things happen at a much slower pace in Jamaica. You might have to wait a few minutes for drink; the bartenders have a lot of people to serve, but they'll get to you. It might take the people at the front desk a little bit to resolve some glitch. Relax; they'll get it done.

    There are also complaints about other guests, especially large groups (usually for weddings but sometimes couples who have met, enjoy each other's company, and become large groups). Sometimes people drink too much and get too loud; sometimes large groups are too loud in restaurants. The resorts are large enough for you to find some place away from these people if they get out of hand. It can be annoying, but try to remember the last time you had too much to drink or were with a big group and were likely a little louder than you should have been. Try not to let it get to you; you're on vacation.

    It's easy to find fault if you want to, but the converse is also true. If you resolve to relax and enjoy yourself, not to let the little things get to you, and to make the most of your vacation (you've earned it, after all!), then you'll have a wonderful time. I hope that you do.
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    Amy. Please tell us what resort so we can be more specific.

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    Thanks everyone were just so excited,and havent seen any negatives..CAN"T wait untill 6/24.

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    We've only been once to CTI (and none to the other Couples and never to an AI until we went to CTI) and in truth, we didn't have any "oh noes!"

    Were there things that could have been a bit better? Sure.
    As kjc5032 commented, the "zero-entry" shower floods the heck out of the bathroom.
    The rooms are nice, but not "luxurious" (our only point of comparison is a Vegas hotel we stayed in 2 yrs ago for CES, the Aria)

    I think those might have been the only things Couples could improve, as far as we're concerned. They can't control the weather, they don't have enough rooms for everyone who wants to stay forever to stay (so someone has to take the sad bus back to the airport at some point,) and they can't speed up time to get us back sooner...

    I think that people who go to a Couples intending to have a laid-back, relaxing, just the two of us vacation will tend to be positive and overlook the (quite frankly) little things like I mentioned, while those who go expecting a "Ritz-Carlton" level of vacation *will* be disappointed and complain.

    Just my 2c
    CTI again in:
    361 days
    14 hours
    50 minutes!!!

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    i put on 10 lbs, now spend all my free time thinking about going back, and they made us leave ....but the showers at css did the flooding thing kjc was talking about

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    The worst oh no for us has been having to lose all of the weight we gained from the great food and drink. On our last trip I gained 12 pounds!!!!! Except for weather (which we can't control or predict) in our two trips I don't think we had a single complaint.

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    my only complaint is the bus ride home. this year we are taking the puddle jumper which I believe will be equally depressing at the end of the trip!

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    AMEN Pamela well said!

    Recently I was in a store and watched a lady belittle a young girl (maybe 18 yrs old) at the counter. I could tell the young girl was upset so I felt the need to step in. I tapped the lady on the shoulder and interupted the conversation by saying to the young girl "I don't feel sorry for you at all" I hesitatedand when the lady began to wind up again, I interupted and told the young girl, "I feel so sorry for this ladies husband, he must have a miserable life being around THIS all the time" Needless to say she cursed at me and stormed out, the other 5 people in line began to clap!

    It comes down to one word we see on this Forum all the time..... RESPECT

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    oh i forgot the idiots who come to a tropical island when they don't like rum, the ocean, or sea food. if you want to bitch, stay at home.

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    Bugs. And leaving.

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    You are going to have a great time but the worst things are having to watch two countdown clocks on my computer for trips 5 and 6. 33 days and 397 days! The only other complanint, no Dr. Pepper anywhere. Our only thing to look forward to on the long flight home. Enjoy your vacation!

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    The resorts are awesome. The only bad time is out of their control....THE WEATHER. It rained 6 out of 7 days on our trip. We made the best of it and still had a great time.

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    We had our very first "real" vacation at CTI last November. The ONLY bad thing we could say about the whole experience was the noise in the hallway from being on the first floor.

    Everything else was excellent! Our goal was to relax, and enjoy our time away from the usual hustle and bustle of life. Mission accomplished!

    We're planning on a return trip this October.

    Even the leaving part isn't so bad, because if you don't leave, you can't come back

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    Thaught of a bad for CSA besides that letter they leave telling you what time to be in the lobby to leave.

    The lighting in the bathroom is a bit dim.

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