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    Default First time to Couples... CTI in June!

    Hey Y'all!

    My husband and I are sooo excited about our first trip to Jamaica! We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary, and have never done anything like this before. What is on your 'MUST DO' list for Tower Isle? No holds barred... food? drinks? fun? I need to get my act together so that we can make the most of this awesome get away!

    Until then, I'll be dreaming of sand and sun!


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    Default A must!!!

    You must do the Dunn river falls. Don't forget to get rubber water shoes. Some rocks are very choppy. You must bring a water camera for your pictures. Depending how many days you are staying you don't need much money. We stayed for 6 night and spent less than 500.00 usd. When taking money I would take at least 100 in singles, 100 dollars in 5, 200 dollars in 10 and 100 dollars in 20. They never seem to have change. We started at tower isle and love it so we decided to the other couples resorts. They are amazing!!!!!!

    I will be there again in October.

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    I can't help you much since this June will be my first trip also. My fiancée has been there before. We are getting married on June 26th. We will be there June 22nd thru June 29th. When does your dream trip start?

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    Don't miss the island.......we had our doubts at first, but loved it.....So relaxing and the freedom is something you'll remember......

    I would also suggest going to CSS for a day


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    Definitely do the hobie cat sailing. It was one of the highlights of our trip when we were at CTI 2 weeks ago. Also don't miss out on the iced coffees that you can get in the Logo shop. I wish we would have discovered them earlier in our stay.

    Have a great trip, CTI is an amazing place!

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    Ensure you make your restauraunt reservations as soon as you can upon arrival..Make sure you enjoy both the Bayside and Eight Rivers restaurants...Enjoy all the included adventures such as Dunns River Falls, the trip to Margarittaville and the Catamaran if it's still available..Most of all, relax and take a big deep breath...You are truly blessed!

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    Thanks all for your great tips & ideas! It is very much appreciated!

    Melissa - it looks like we'll just be arriving as you are leaving... Hope you have an amazing time & congrats on your upcoming wedding!

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    My husband and I returned a couple weeks ago from CTI (May 2-9) and some of the highlights from our trip were:
    1. Hummingbirds (the alcholic smoothie- delicious!)
    2. Denville, the server- absolutely the nicest and most accomodating person we met
    3. dessert! many people said they would eat so much at each meal that they wouldn't have room for dessert... my advice- MAKE ROOM!
    4. We were lucky enough to stay 7 nights, so we got to see the entertainment and events they plan each day of the week- Wednesday's steel drum band, Saturday's gala banquet, Monday's beach buffet, and Tuesday's bonfire were the best! but there is something fun every night
    5. snorkeling- this was our favorite free watersport we went multiple times (with a waterproof camera)
    6. Dunn's River- unless you really dig those water shoes- don't buy them, just wear tennis shoes and leave them on your balcony to dry before you leave Mine worked great and they were free

    There are too many things not to miss at CTI. I honestly cannot say one bad thing about our trip- everyone we met was amazing, everything we did was amazing, and everything we ate was amazing (and my husband and I are both chefs, so we know food!). I truly believe it is IMPOSSIBLE not to have a good time at CTI. I daydream about being back just about every day!

    Also- for any other foodies out there- we asked one of the chefs if we could have a tour of the kitchens, just out of curiousty. My husband works at a Strip hotel in Las Vegas and he wanted to see. This tour was also one of the BEST parts of the trip. Everything was so clean and organized. Everyone was so friendly. And the best part- they make EVERYTHING from scratch. Yes, seriously! We asked and we saw it in person! Even those 1,000,000 croissants you see on the buffet every morning- yeah, they make those everyday!


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    caitlin, any idea if the sample schedule for activities is close to the real thing? We'll be there next Tuesday and we're trying to plan ahead for a couple of things...

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    You know what, while I agree with everyone that there is a lot to see and do, I think you also should make sure to take time to just relax. Spend a day or two just you and him loafing on the beach with a book in hand (or on the Isle,) a drink beside you, and no worries. Get a couples massage at the spa on one of those days, and follow it up with dinner on the beach or the Isle (which you are clothed for.) I would agree, give the Isle a try and don't wait until the end of your trip!

    Also, it would depend on how much time you have at the resort. We only had 4 nights / 5 days (more like 3 days when you factor in travel on the 1st and last days) so we didn't really do anything.

    Most of all, enjoy being with your husband!

    CTI in:
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