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    Default 4..6..8..Then What???

    First trip to CN was 4 nights, second was 6 nights and I have just booked 8 nights for April 2010. Is this a sickness? Where will it end? Is it possible to buy a room? This is getting out of control and I may end up in the poorhouse!


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    I just book 10 at a time. Even that doesn't seem long enough.
    Shane and Cathy

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    It's a total addiction we're 1-7-7-5-7-10-5-11

    Holy crap that's 52 days at Couples!!!
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    We started at 7 went to 10.Next year all ready booked 12!!!!Only goes up from here~HOPEFULLY!!!!LOL!!!

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    First 3 times was 7, def not enough. Going for 12 days in Dec. Lets see how that feels......99 more days! Already booked for 2010 for 11 days.

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    First two times were 7, then last June was 10. Came back to the states and immediately booked June 2010 for 11. Have since realized how ADDICTED we are becoming, decided we can't wait until next June, and are now formulating plans for a 4 day "quickie" in January 2010. I guess we are to the point were we must feed the habit at least twice a year.

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    It is a sickness!! We did 3 nights, then 4 nights, then 5 nights, then 6 we are going for 7. Best sickness I have ever had!!!

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    On our honeymoon, from which we became serious repeaters... we did 10. Which is ....*I think* just enough..... Except that we had made great friends who were there for 14 who were there also on their honeymoon. It was hard to leave them. We've only been able to do seven or eight since.

    Long story short. I think it takes 10 days to really appreciate what it is your experiencing. Especially the first time. It took me at least three days to get on "island time". LOL

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    i find 12 days to be perfect.

    anything less, is well..... less...

    more than that and your burned out...

    theres my 2c.

    -The Captain

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    Go for 21 in one year. Split it at 6 months. 7 one trip, 14 the next.

    Billy_Audra - we're addicted too!

    Randymon - Will that show "Intervention" ever have a Couples episode? I'm just sayin'.


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    we booked 4 nights first time, 5 nights second time, in 5 weeks!!! woo hoo! wish it could be more, maybe next time we can book 7 nights.

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