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    Default Ho deep are pools at CTI

    My wife doesn't swim and we typically stay at CN. The main pool is 4 ft deep. We are staying at CTI this time and shes worried about how deep the pool is. Can anyone help????

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    The pools at CTI (other than the one on the island -- didn't go there, so I can't say) are similar. Don't worry about not being able to swim.

    The "bar" pool had a small section that's deeper that the folks training for SCUBA go into, but it's not connected directly to the main pool -- you'd have to intentionally jump into that one to get into that deep water.

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    Before the renovations, the main pool at CTI had a deep end, but now the pool is of uniform depth, just like the pool at CN.
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    The main pool has varied depths, from nearly zero-depth to mid-chest. This pool is used daily for the water volleyball.

    The swim-up bar pool is 3-4' deep, but also includes a barrier to a deeper section that is around 8-10' if I remember correctly.

    Not entirely sure about the pool on Tower Isle, but I think it is 3-4' deep.
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    They are the same depth. The main pool and the pool to the side are approximately 4-5 ft deep. The one with the swim up bar has a deeper part used for the SCUBA instruction.

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