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    Default Accessibility @ CSA?

    I wish I didn't have to ask, BUT....................can anyone enlighten me on accessibility at CSA? We are booked for our 7th time there this July so I'm familiar with the property. HOWEVER, as of last week I've learned that I will be travelling with a broken ankle (walker, cast) making it difficult if not impossible to navigate stairs.

    Can anyone offer some specifics for access at CSA?
    ++Piano Bar

    THANKS in advance. The GOOD news is we're going to go anyway!


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    Room - Some of the newer Garden Verandah first floor rooms have a ramp instead of steps to the patio.
    Feathers - There is a winding ramp at the front of the Great House opposite the Photo Desk. This gets you into Feathers and the Patois. There is also a ramp to the Cabana Grill.
    Lemongrass - I think you're out of luck there.
    Piano Bar - ditto
    Others - The Spa and Sports Complex became accessible a couple of years ago. The few steps at the entrance were replaced by ramps. The lap pool has gentle steps and a handrail. I think the Palms requires a couple of steps though.

    Over the years I have seen several people in wheelchairs at CSA and have been told that the staff have been very accommodating. Even to the point of carrying one lady on and off the catamaran for the Sunset Cruise.

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    Wow that sucks. I'd go too, but that sure makes things difficult. Sorry to hear that.

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