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    Default Caribbean Air cancels flights out of Philly

    Just a heads up. As of July 1, 2012 Caribbean Airlines will no longer be flying out of Philadelphia.

    I think they are just going out of JFK.

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    There is another post about this on here somewhere, I'm trying to find it as we speak.

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    I was a bit ticked off because I LOVE the flight times with them... can't beat getting to Jamaica at 10 am... no lines!!! took us 10 minutes to get to the couples lounge!!!

    With them canceling us out of Philly, they were going to put us on a US airway and we would not get to Jamaica till 3pm.. on a Saturday... blah.. So we moved our flight to JFK and it turns out it's 200$ cheaper.. they simply changed our flights and would not refund us the money we "over paid".. it's either cancel and get full refund or just switch and get nothing... Thing is, if we cancelled, it would be two billing cycles till we go our refund, and we still would have had to pay upfront for the new flight... to much hassle...

    still get great flight times, get into Jamaica around 1030am... and don't leave to go home till around 7... which means more time once we are there ... and we don't have to leave resort until around 2pm!!

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