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    Default Tell me when clothing optional happened

    I saw this on Trip Advisor website. Anyone care to tell us when Sunset Beach became clothing optional all the time?
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    Greetings JZing:

    Our policy at Sunset Beach has not changed. Perhaps there is some confusion because the lady in the picture is covering up some of the sign.

    Sunset Beach is for NUDE sunbathing only - ie., not clothing optional - until 5:00 pm each day. At that time the beach is open to all guests who may want to watch sunset.

    Couples Resorts

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    She's blocking the "no"s.

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    You can clearly see an "N," and it's pretty easy to figure out that the woman's head is blocking the second two letters of the word "not" on the sign's second line and the word "no" on the third line. Were the woman not there, you could see that the sign says, "Welcome to Couples Sans Souci's Nude Beach. This beach is not clothing optional; therefore, no clothing is allowed."
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    over - under for how many boardies will correct the OP
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    The only time it was clothing optional was BEFORE Couples purchased it.
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